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Meet C.S.I. Group At
DigiTech ASEAN Thailand 2023

22 - 24 NOVEMBER 2023

10.00 AM.– 06.00 PM.

Come back again! With the ASEAN Technology and Digital Expo and Seminar, come and be a part of connecting with world-class digital technology.


CSI is an IT Software development company with over 30 years of experience. Come see us to hear your thoughts on digital transformation in Thailand and ASEAN. You will also find many of our solutions, such as Analytics Dashboard, Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing Intelligence, including the newest product of Takumi Company (AI Detection & Analyzer) that will allow everyone to participate in the activity. To get to know more about our solutions!

Overview of DigiTech 2023

Date and time

Date : 22 - 24 November 2023 (Wed - Fri)

Time : 10.00 AM. - 18.00 PM.



Booth location

Booth E22

More details about DigiTech 2023

▼ PRE-REGISTER!  (Pre-registration is now closed)

Thank you for many pre-registration. We already closed pre-registration form.
And we prepare another mini gift for visitor.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth (E-22) !


Meet our solutions

This time, CSI has brought various solutions and products. There will be many presentations for everyone to come talk and get to know, such as Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), a platform that will help turn your factory into an Industry 4.0 solution.

Analytics Dashboard (ADA) that can view real-time business data And the results can be analyzed to develop your business. Or the solution that many people are familiar with, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), which is the connection of machines. People and systems analysis information together, including Takumi (AI Detection & AnalyzerService) that will help businesses work more efficiently and change the world with the power of AI.

Manufacturing Intelligence : MI

MI is a solution developed by CSI called Intelligence Factory, which is the next level of Smart Factory. It is a platform that will help your factory become Industry 4.0 by helping to improve production using data from various layers of the Production analyze, then the AI will be able to learn the tasks according to the instructions MI Consists of 3 technologies: AI, IoT and Big Data. that plays an important role in the development of Thailand's current industrial sector Amidst the journey into the future Under the rapid changes of technology emerging in our daily life.


Analytics Dashboard : ADA

ADA (Analytics Dashboard Framework) is a ready-made Dashboard display system to facilitate the work of Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources, Insurance to be able to link with existing systems to display results. Visualization To provide an overview of work in each category in every dimension. Complete with tools for creating graphs by yourself.


To deliver AI solutions that exceed expectations

Whether you are looking to increase operational efficiency Improve your work experience or are looking for new opportunities, our AI services will be the catalyst for that success.

Let's explore and expand possibilities with Takumi AI services and create things. That can be done in the world of artificial intelligence.

Takumi (AI Detection & Analyzer)


Industrial Internet of Things : IIoT

IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is the connection of machines, people and analytical systems. information together To get good and accurate information This leads to being able to track, store, exchange and display useful insights. Make the production process throughout

The entire supply chain is more completely connected in the digital world. Upgrading to a smart factory Increase efficiency and reduce production costs

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