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Warehouse Platform
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As E-Commerce develops rapidly, the importance of warehouses becomes more and more important. In wanting to do the Warehouse, although there are many obstacles or problems in the operation, but the Warehouse Platform will help solve those obstacles or problems. What features does the Warehouse Platform have?

We will explain Warehouse Platform from the webinar organized by CSI.


Webinar :Look at new innovations moving forward in the Future of Thailand

E-commerce & logistic Solution

(Product Manager, warehouse management system (Rubix)

Panich Thaiprasansub (Ton))


How is Warehouse Management related to E-Commerce?

Warehouse Management is one connection point in E-commerce which will link to various storefronts. connected to the point where it is Transportation but before going to Transportation Let's take a closer look at the warehouse section.

Screenshot 2566-05-09 at 14.01.57.png

Warehouse is the intermediate connection between the front of the house or Market and the warehouse or production unit. So that we can forward it to the destination quickly, accurately and generate the most profit.


What is Warehouse in Real-word (today's world)?

Warehouse in old storage or production system

Warehouse in Real word or in today's world In the past, we might think that Warehouse is a large storage area in various factories. or for storage units that are rented to store various products The problem is how to make it work faster, how to reduce the mistakes as much as possible, how to predict.

To know whether there is enough or not enough to store or produce products And nowadays, if anyone runs a Retail, Wholesale or storefront business. Of course, there will be more business problems, such as will our products in front of the store expire or not? or products in Khon Kaen branch or Hat Yai branch

Do you have enough stuff? If ordering from Korat, should order from Khon Kaen or Udondi. This business is a type of warehouse that must focus on Real-time Stock to optimize our assets Therefore, the business problem of the group is how to manage the products to have enough.

Warehouse with E-Commerce or Online Platform

Next, when the situation of COVID-19 caused the E-Commerce business to grow very quickly. Previously, it was estimated that in Thailand it would take many years to develop an E-Commerce business, but when the COVID-19 came in for two years, E-Commerce became widely popular. occur in many perspectives For example, having a warehouse is a storage room at home. There are Pratunam or Platinum that pick up orders for delivery. So how do we have management in this area? How quickly will my received order be delivered? How to deliver goods to the destination in On-Time as much as possible Or if the storage room has 20 square meters, how to store as much stuff as possible? By managing the area with the capital that we have most efficiently, whether small or large

In business, the thing that I want to develop in Warehouse the most is..

According to most opinion polls, it was found that in business, the thing that would like to be developed in Warehouse the most was..

  • work error

  • Connecting to the transportation system because the Warehouse is one of the intermediaries between the front of the house, which is the Website or E-Commerce, but must deliver the product as well.n

What is the importance of a warehouse?

Reducing costs, reducing mistakes Because sometimes you may forget that holding the stock for a long time until the product is damaged or expired is considered a cost. If you get information about what products are selling well or not. can do promotions on various sales make business spin faster


What do I need to look at when I want to implement a warehouse?

Obstacles in making a warehouse


In the past, making a warehouse was very expensive or building a warehouse building. Land is required to build.



Warehouse work requires people or employees to do the counting, receiving and storing items.



Working or building a warehouse takes a very long time. If it takes a long time to do such as half a year, competitors may completely dominate the market.

ชม Close-up

The solution to those obstacles is to create a Warehouse platform.

The solution to those obstacles is to create a Warehouse platform, which is one of the concepts that CSI is currently developing. Key Points are as follows.

Fast Implementation
but Less investment

Making it possible for warehouse users to not take long to get on the system.

Link with online / Outline Platform

Can be done online, can be done on the Cloud System, all without having to do a large structure or network. No land rental required

help save more

Everything flexible on cloud & Secure

If it's on the Cloud, then we can do everything on different phones or tablets.

Mobility, Work Anywhere

can work anywhere

see all data connected

Support for Warehouse Business

It is a concept of Warehouse Management that can be done in full, collecting - receiving - paying, and can see all the items online. can be graphically

One Stop Service Sale, Storage and Delivery

At present, Warehouse alone may not be able to answer the question. Connecting to TMS (Transportation Management System) or connecting to E-Commerce or E-Ordering to complete our trading chain. Able to deliver products to customers from the origin in ordering order management until the delivery reaches the destination

What is the key feature of the Warehouse platform?

Core & Security Feature

  • Concurrent User License

  • JWT Token Security

  • Support All Time Zone

  • Automatic Testing

Common Feature

  • Multiple Warehouse : If there is more than one Warehouse We will all be able to connect or see each other. plan that this product will be delivered
    from where to maximize cost savings

  • Zone Management : Management of various unit products It is managed by Basic Warehouse.

  • SKU Management Strategy

  • MULTI-UNIT Converter

  • Flexible Location Drawing : The drawing can draw a 3D layout, which can see the Warehouse as 3D.

  • User Controller

  • Pallet Management

  • Flow Management : production management

Operation Feature

  • Open API : Connecting to many things Can be connected to the outside Can be connected to 3rd Party System

  • Lot & Serial Support

  • Book & Pick Strategy

  • Stock Counting & Management

  • Mobile Support (Receive/Stock/Ship): can view various information by mobile phone

  • Sticker & Barcode Management

  • Location Management

  • Notification for Expired & Safety stock

  • Line Interface

  • Visualization Warehouse

  • Dashboard

Add-On Module : Additional benefits for CSI's Warehouse Platform.

In addition, CSI also has Add-on Modules for different types of warehouses. Since each business has a different working style, add on modules are also important.

Logistics Add-on Module

  • Cross Dock : If there are many warehouses that should have a distribution center, perhaps running from Khon Kaen to Hat Yai may not save costs. But if bringing products from Khon Kaen to Bangkok Bring products from Bangkok to Chumphon and spread to many places We can make it easier to deal with deliveries.

  • Route Planning

  • Transfer & Return

  • Loading

  • Work Performance & KPI Report

Production Add-on Module

  • Bill of Material (BOM)

  • In-Line Tracking : If you use the Warehouse to manage Raw Material or Finished Good and want to see where the Raw Material has gone. We can use this function Tracking all, or if there is a problem with data collection, can Tracking where this information comes from, which supplier, etc.

  • Traceability Report

  • QC

  • Kanban

  • Replenishment : replenishment and replenishment in the warehouse

  • Packing

  • Pack MAT. Controller

Other Add-on Modules

  • Billing

  • Online Platform Connector: Connect to the Online Platform, there are functions that can connect to major E-Commerce in Thailand, such as connecting to Lazada, which is a key point that allows us to go online and connect with many people. climb

  • Unplanned Receive & Pick

  • Offline Mode (Handheld)

  • RFID Linked

  • E-commerce Linked Billing

Features of Warehouse Platform

Screenshot 2566-05-10 at 13.29.30.png

Here, I would like to give an example of an explanation of some functions.

Solutions for the warehouse management or logistics industry.

Screenshot 2566-05-10 at 15.49.49.png

Know more about Warehouse Management System (Rubix)

“rubix” is a warehouse control and management solution developed based on the framework of C.S.I. We have developed a new system using the knowledge of Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed for customers.

A variety of which, in addition to the standard template installation Can also be developed to meet the needs of individual customers or develop interfaces to connect to other programs as well, also supports On premises and On cloud use, language support Supports multiple locations including various types of businesses. One of the advantages of installing a warehouse management system is Be aware of the inventory situation.

Accurately and can be recognized in Real-Time.


Other solutions related to the logistics industry

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