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Warehouse Management System


What is rubix?


Main features of rubix 


3 Features
of rubix


Main Function of rubix


Example achievement of implementation/support


Implementation Example


5 important topics
About WMS

3 Features of rubix

Automate work instruction

We design system to provide warehouse operation support based on the viewpoint of the operators on the site in order to give staffs specific and accurate work instructions. For example, system to suggest storage location and system to suggest product picking.

Visualize warehouse
We provide the visual screen which is easy to understand location information such as empty shelf or goods storage place, etc.
Screen Shot 2564-09-17 at 16.11.51.png
Screen Shot 2564-09-17 at 16.12.15.png
Understand real-time stock
Be able to make inquiries for real-time situation of stock from various point of view based on the information inputted onsite via wireless equipment (Handheld).

Video – Rubix : User Friendly WMS Warehouse Management System


What is rubix?

“rubix”is the warehouse management solution developed in the unique framework of C.S.I.

We newly developed this solution by using the knowledge of Warehouse Management System that we have gained through the development experiences for various customers up to now.

In addition to the implementation based on the standard template, this solution can also be customized to support the business of each customer and support interface development to link with peripheral systems.


1. Offers all the basic functions necessary for inventory management.
2.Support On-Premises and On-Cloud (Support Multi-Factor Authentication Cloud usage time)
3. Able to check important information in real-time, such as searching for product information by customer or supplier name, or looking for the import and export history of the product.
4.It is recommended to store the products. (automatically notifies of empty inventory)
5. Can know how much space is available in the inventory
6. Manage data of multiple warehouses in the same system.
7. Supports multiple languages
8. Support adding customizable functions.

rubix คืออะไร?
คุณสมบัติหลัก ของ rubix 
ลักษณะเด่น 3 ประการ ของ rubix

Main Function of rubix

With rubix standard function, it can cover various operations in warehouse.



- Register the receiving schedule

(Excel can be - imported)

- Display the receiving schedule

- Register the receiving results


Inventory Control

- Real-time stock inquiry / receiving history inquiry

- Stock transfer / adjustment

- A lot of standard report for various operation

(27 reports)


Put-Away & Stored

- Goods label printing

- Storing instruction to empty shelf

- Storing result registration



- Picking list printing

- Picking display

- Picking result registration


- Shipping plan registration

- Stock reservation

- Shipping label printing

- Shipping result registration


ฟังก์ชั่นหลัก ของ rubix
WMS-Rubix : ตัวอย่างงาน ติดตั้งและซัพพอร์ตที่ผ่านมา

Example achievement of implementation / support

Japanese Company-A (Logistics/Rayong)

Go-Live :2012/09

Implementation Overview:
Implement system instead of Excel operation (* Previous Version)

Improve point / Efficiency:
Real time sharing owner inventory.

Japanese Company-B (Trading /Thailand)

Go-Live :2013/10

Implementation Overview:
Implement system linked to ERP (* Previous Version)

Improve point / Efficiency:
Interface with ERP seamlessly.

Japanese Company-C (Manufacturing/Chonburi)

Go-Live :2015/02

Implementation Overview:
Implement system for controlling RM and FG item in multiple factory

Improve point / Efficiency:
Implementation period is 1.5 Month only.

Japanese Company-D (Manufacturing/Chonburi)

Go-Live :2015/04

Implementation Overview:
Implement system for export trade by using new warehouse

Improve point / Efficiency:
Cost reduction by Own export trading

Implementation Example


Pigeon Industry (Thailand)


The development result of warehouse management system “rubix” implemented for Pigeon Industry (Thailand) has been posted.

Example of system development – warehouse management system “rubix”

Customer's company history


Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures products for mothers and babies with machines. with its head office in Japan The company has been established since 1996 with a production base in Thailand. At present, a production system has been created which is managed by Thai people. products of the company itself is not only produced for export to Japan only. even in Thailand The product is also popular and reliable.



Director : Mr. Santhad Vuthithammee (left from photo) CSI Groups
COO (Chief Operations Officer) : Mr. Siriset Nichakum (right from picture)

1.Director  : Mr. Santhad Vuthithammee
2.IT Manager  : Mr. Nopporn Thawong
3.Warehouse Manager  : Mr. Yothin Kaeosriwong

Operations and problems that occur before installing a warehouse management system After counting, it was found that the number of products does not match the physical inventory in the warehouse, the counting process is delayed, and there is no standardized workflow, stocking and picking for employee disbursement. will use memory and experience
mainly personal When a new employee is switched to work, the product is often not found. or take hours to find delayed delivery
In addition, at that time the company had built a new warehouse. Therefore, there is a need to manage the work. All in the warehouse to be systematic and organized.
Therefore decided to bring the management system to help. ​ Why Choose Rubix The reason for choosing Rubix is because it has a relatively flexible interface and
Ease of use (User Friendly) In fact, prior to Rubix we used a 3rd party company that integrates with Financial Accpac.
But since the interface is quite straightforward and difficult to use, at that time we were looking for a new interface that is easy to use. Easy to understand, meet the needs
of the company including data link Because companies use ERP, they need to connect to a central database that is Data Center and then meet Rubix.

Changes in the warehouse after using the system


IT Manager : Mr. Nopporn Thawong The first period took about 6 months for employees to understand and adjust. After that, it gradually got better. Everyone saw the results that the system helped to work better.
Employees are now familiar with the new way of working. After entering the system, there will be a stock counting cycle which is divided into 1 month, 3 months, 6 months (3 months and 6 months cases will be checked by the Auditor)
In the past since the factory opened There will be problems with counting products. We find that the stock is mismatched, wrong, and
I can't do it within a day, but when I have Rubix, I can finish it within 4 hours and I can do Cycle count too. It makes my work easier and more confident.

About CSI and Rubix Services


Good service. From last year, some employees of our company still don't understand and use the wrong system. The CSI will come in. Help correct and gradually teach. and some taught to fix it by myself, causing the MA to gradually decrease, partly as a result of CSI assistance and part
It is caused by the work experience of the employees as well. Now the old problems are gone and the work is quite smooth. CSI during the system up
It will be serviced both in time and out of time. Thank you for providing accessibility services. Customer's heart, which is very good

Message from CSI Executive

COO (Chief Operations Officer) Mr. Siriset Nichakum

First of all, I would like to thank Pigeon himself for coordinating very well. Although initially Working between teams can be disrupted.
some, but with time and intention of the team on both the CSI side and the Pigeon side have coordinated together in order to see the work come out successful I would like to thank all parties very much. Project will succeed not only good product, good implementation team, but also requires cooperation. good and good support of the customer as well Many thanks to Pigeon for supporting us fully. It came out and it actually reflected that it was mutually beneficial for both parties, both the customer side and our product side.

Increase warehouse efficiency in Thailand by applying Label Printing with
warehouse management system

5 หัวข้อสำคัญเกี่ยวกับ WMS

5 Important Topics About WMS

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What is WMS?


Why WMS?


Types of WMS

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WMS selection procedure

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