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Manufacturing Intelligence (BigData/AI)

Manufacturing Intelligence


What is MI (Manufacturing Intelligence)?


Information about MI Platform

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Advantages of MI 

(Manufacturing Intelligence)

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Responsibility and Production System

What is MI (Manufacturing Intelligence)?


What is Smart Factory and how is it different from Intelligence Factory?

Before knowing the difference between Smart Factory and Intelligence Factory, we must return to Industry 4.0, a term that has been widely used and discussed for more than ten years. But it must be said that very few people understand the true meaning of Industry 4.0. To understand Industry 4.0, we must go back to Industry 3.0.


The definition of Industry 3.0 is a group of industrial bags in which the factory uses machines and controls to process them on the production line. A factory that can call itself Industry 3.0 is a factory that has machines in the production line that can use computers to control human decision-making and can connect all the information to see. (Visualization) to see the status in the production line. and ready to be the data in human decision-making if abnormal events occur
If the factory you are missing can work as follows By definition, we would call it Smart Factory or you are in the Industry 3.0 era.
(Industry 3.0 Connectivity and Visualization) While most people talk about Industry 4.0, it's a Smart Factory .

So how is Industry 4.0 different? Technically and System 4.0 still uses the same machines and connections on Smart Factory Industry 3.0, but differs from Smart Factory. We use people to make decisions, Critical Thinking is computer controlled, whereas Industry4.0 we say. to a higher data layer It is the bringing of data that was used only as Realtime Monitoring to be processed by AI to come out as a Data Model for AI to make decisions on behalf of humans to control the computer again. The objectives will be different, besides doing Realtime Monitoring, it must be able to analyze it to do predictive and optimization on its own. If the factory you miss can reach this level Therefore, the factory can be defined as Industry 4.0 or Intelligence Factory.

MI (Manufacturing Intelligence) คืออะไร

Transformation from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0, there is no need to change machines or change the control computer. The heart of Transforming lies in taking data from all parts.

OT (Operation Technology) and IT (Information Technology) come together and process In short, the deep technologies needed to transform Industry 4.0 include IoT / Big Data / AI. Our organization is ready to transform into an Intelligence Factory or Industry 4.0.

But recruiting experts to work in Deep Technology is a high commitment cost. and requires specialists with advanced expertise so it is difficult In which each organization will think about the transition to Intelligence Factory or Industry 4.0, CSI Group is more specialized in OT and IT. For 30 years, the Intelligence Data Platform has been developed to meet the needs of IoT/Big Data/AI and Digital Transformation. to our customers as MI or Manufacturing Intelligence


Advantages of MI (Manufacturing Intelligence)

Talk to Khun Rungroj, Managing Director of CSI Group
A company with over 30 years of experience working in industry software on the importance of Industry 4.0 and the way businesses and factories adapt themselves to 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?
- Mass production with Mass customization what's the difference
- How will Industry 4.0 and AI contribute to the production of industrial plants?
- How to adapt the factory to Industry 4.0?
- CSI solutions to help adapt to Industry 4.0

ข้อดีของ MI (Manufacturing Intelligence)

Low Cost when compare to old Technology and Architecture


Responsibility and Production System

Top Management

Responsibility for Directors
  • Corporate strategic, Business unit strategic

     and team strategic and team strategic

Production System
  • BI (Business Intelligence)

Business Planning & Logistics

Responsibility for Management
  • Planning, Logistics, Sales, HR …

Production System
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Manufacturing Operations Management

Responsibility for Operators
  • Operational, Production Management and optimization

Production System
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection)

Industrial Automation

Responsibility for Technicians
  • Monitoring.

  •  Process Control and Process Execution

Production System
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
ความรับผิดชอบและ ระบบการผลิต

Data Operational Transformation (DOT)

Information About MI

Data Operational Transformation (DOT)

Manufacturing Intelligent

Manufacturing Intelligent
MI platform.png
Data Processing

Data Lake – Raw Data Storage & Processing
Store all your data in a central repository at any size data lake.
It is a centralized repository that allows you to store structured and unstructured data of any size. You can store data as is without structuring. Different types of analytics can also be used, from dashboards and visualizations.
to Big Data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning to create better decision-making.

What is a Data Lake AWS Website
▶ Handles structured and unstructured data
▶ Hadoop based
▶ Map reduce algorithms

ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ MI Platform

Related information

The CSI Group is certified as an AWS (Amazon Web Service) Partner.


The CSI Group has been certified as an AWS (Amazon Web Service) Partner starting January 1, 2019.

Introducing CSIs on the AWS Official Website

CSI joined the exhibition “Digital Innovation Meets Business @ CEBIT ASEAN Thailand 2018”
which was held for 3 days between 18 October – 20 October 2018

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