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ระบบมาตรฐาน และ โครงสร้าง ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning
Framework System


What is "FLEX" (ERP Framework)


Features of FLEX


System overview of FLEX


FLEX's Sample Screen / Sample Report


FLEX implementation and support case

“FLEX” คืออะไร

What is "FLEX" (ERP Framework)

ERP framework system "FLEX" is a proprietary ERP solution utilizing know-how of software development in our CSI Group which has over 100 companies in Thailand. It combines "package" and "tailor-made development" and is a semi-package that combines good merit of each, it is easy to customize according to customer's request and easy to cooperate with other systems.


In addition, since customers can purchase only necessary functions according to customer's needs, it is easier to implement to customers who are planning to install systems in stages, customers who want to reduce the installation period and cost.

MRP enhances efficiency with production management system

Optimize production accuracy and precision. Increase productivity with MRP (Material Resource Planning) software, This time we will talk to Mr. Yuthasak from CSI Group.
ลักษณะเด่นของ Flex

Features of Flex

Features 1 :
Multi language (TH, EN, JP)

It is compatible with
Thai / English / Japanese
3 languages so that it is easier
to use for Thai people as well as Japanese managers.

Features 2 :
Unlimited number of users,
no additional license fee

In general packages, prices vary depending on the number of users, but FLEX has no limit on the number of users and there is no charge for additional users. And there is no additional license fee if it is within the same company and the same group company.

Features 3 :
Reliable support

We will respond to incidents or "if" occurring in daily work by Call, E-mail, Remote, Onsite support.

Features 4 :
Step-by-step implementation
is possible

You can purchase only the functions you need according to your needs. Therefore, it is easier to implement to customers who are planning to implement the system in stages, customers who want to reduce the installation period / cost.

User access

  • Unlimited (No maximum number of users)

Package Fee

  • Once Pay for Company

Support & Service

  • Support by Call, E-mail and Remote


  • Multi language (TH, EN, JP)

  • User friendly design

MA (15% per year)

  • First Year after that depend on customer


  • Establish over 25 Years

3 Kits : Able to install and use the system in stages.


Small Kits

Inventory control function only.

- Receiving

- Transfer

- Work Result

- Stock Taking

- Inventory Inquiry

- Inventory Closing

Suit Kits

MRP - Starting with orders, shipping, inventory control, is also provided.

- Sales Order

- Planning & MRP

- Purchase Order

- Job Order

- Shipment


Accountin function Cooperation with accounting systems other than FIN is also possible.

- GL 

- AP 

- AR 

- Costing

ภาพรวมระบบ FLEX

System overview of "FLEX"


Sales Management

- Sale Order can be created by both Manual and Importing.
- Sale Order will be submit to Production Plan and Shipment module (for picking process).


- Production can calculate plan from sale order, average usage and safety stock data.

- Production Plan can be imported from excel file directly.

- Able to adjust delivery date, lead time for items in production plan.

- Job Order will be created from production plan as following BOM, also support creating Job Order by user.

- Calendar view is available to represented Production Plan data.

- Work Result can be inputted good quantity and NG quantity.

- Support auto-consumption and manual consumption (adjust consumption quantity referred to BOM).

- Lot Number can be specified or auto-generated depending on format configuration.

- Material Requirement Planning is calculated from Beginning Inventory, Estimated Usage, Estimated Receipt and Safety Stock data.


Production Management & Material Resource Planning (MRP).


Purchase Management


- Purchase Requisition is generated by MRP and also created by user manually.
- P/R approve flow (Approve/ Revise/ Refuse) and send email automatically.
- Make P/R function will generate Purchase Order (PO) separated by supplier.
- P/O outstanding report is available.


Inventory Control 

- Receiving data is referred to P/O data.

- Transferring process for Raw material, Work In Process

and Finish Goods to other location

- Stock-Adjustment is available for increasing / decreasing adjustment.

- Inventory inquiry will be shown by Location and Lot with beginning inventory, In-Stock, Out-Stock and On Hand data.

- Inventory movement can drill down.

- Stock taking process is



- System supports partial shipment.

- System supports combine many orders (same Customer) to one shipment.

- Invoice status can be changed after payment process.



Handheld has 7 features for customer operation :
1. Receiving (without P/O)
2. Transferring
3. Work Result
4. Shipment (without Invoice)
5. Stock Taking
6. Inventory Inquiry
7. Invent movement


Accounting System 

- System provides Accounts Payable System to manage Purchase System, Billing, Accounts Payable Aging, Petty Cash, Advance and Payment System.

- System provides Accounts Receivable System to manage Sale System, Billing, Accounts Receivable Aging, and Receipt System.

- Able to manage cheque both payment and receipt with bank register to view all related bank transaction  including cheque and pay-in printing upon bank form.

- Able to take care of fixed assets and record depreciation.

- There is a general accounting system.

- Supports Tax report formats (for Thai law) including Withholding tax certificate (bis 50)

- Supports multiple currencies

- Vouchers and various report formats Can be

created according to system needs

ตัวอย่างหน้าจอการทำงาน และ รายงานของ Flex

FLEX's Sample Screen / Sample Report


FLEX & FIN : Sample Screen


FLEX & FIN : Sample Report


FLEX & FIN : Sample Handheld


FLEX implementation and support case

Japanese Company A

(Employees : About 500)

Implementation contents 
ERP System :

- Sale Order

- Production Planning


- Purchase Order

- Inventory

- Shipment

- Costing

- Financial

Japanese Company A

(Employees : About 600)

Implementation contents

ERP System :


- Request Order from Branch

- Production Planning


- Purchase Order

- Inventory

- Ship to branch

- Costing

- Financial

Japanese Company A

(Employees : About 300)

Implementation contents

Phase 1 Inventory (2009)

Phase 2: Costing (2014)

Phase 3 : Sale Order (2014)

Phase 4: Production Planning (2015)

Phase 5: Purchase Order (2015)

กรณีศึกษาของระบบ FLEX ที่ขึ้นให้กับลูกค้าแล้ว
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