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Talk to the developer of the production control system series. “Factory-One” about “Expanding the future installation base of Factory-One in Thailand”

The “Factory-One” series is a production control system for small and medium-sized businesses with a total number of installations for more than 1,600 customers. in Japan, and there is also "Factory-One GL" which is an overseas version that is expanding the system installation to foreign countries. with Thailand and ASEAN as the center

We have the opportunity to talk with the company. EXcorporation who foresaw the need for such an expanding market in Thailand and is considered the originator of the series “Factory-One” is about the vision of future operations both in Thailand and abroad. Including the involvement of CSI as a partner in being a distributor in foreign countries and the installation of the system to be practical.


Interview Contents

  1. “Factory-ONE GL” Japanese standard production control system

  2. Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

  3. Difficulty in implementing production control systems in Thailand

  4. What is the strength of “Factory-ONE” in Thailand?

  5. Vision of operations in Thailand from now on

  6. Expectations for CSI going forward

  7. informant

  8. Contact for inquiries about production control systems

What is Factory-ONE?


The “Factory-ONE” system with a track record of deploying to over 1,400 customers across Japan has now expanded to ASEAN by launching a new version for overseas sales, “GL R1.0”.

This “GL R1.0” version offers “easy to use”, “easy to understand” and “affordable” production control solutions.

Inquiry form for Factory-ONE production control system

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