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Production control : Factory-one

production control system


What is Factory-ONE GL R1.0?

Factory-ONE GL R1.0 is a Factory-ONE system made for overseas.

It arises from the demands of Japanese small and medium

businesses that expand.

base to foreign countries which “Want to install a high quality

production control system. equal to within Japan.”

INVOICE to function Standard with reduced functionality compared to the system used in Japan. making it able to sell at a reasonable price

In terms of purchase and installation, as well as supporting operations in Thailand, we are able to provide the same level of service as installation in Japan. You can trust in using our service.


Factory-ONE GL R1.0
What is?


performance after
Install and Features
of the product


Inquiry form


Product Series


Interview with the developers of the “Factory-ONE” series.


TOPICS – Announcement

Asian lawyers discussing on legal case with document contract

Case Study


Features of Factory-ONE Version GL R1.0

The “Factory-ONE” system with a track record of deploying to more than 1600 customers across Japan has expanded its base to ASEAN by launching a new version for overseas sales, “GL R1.0”.

In this version "GL R1.0" will present a production control system solution that

“Easy to use,” “Easy to understand,” and “Affordable.”

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Both functions and reports are supported.

For customers who are in the manufacturing business in Thailand, we also support both functions and reports that are needed from a lot of system installation experience as follows.

  • Support the management of BOI/IPO and duty free zones in Thailand.

  • Connect to accounting software (Sage ERP, swifT, etc.)

  • Issue documents used in accordance with Thai business practices such as Invoice/ Debit Note/ Credit Note/ Delivery Note.

  • Support purchasing from multiple suppliers

  • Support multi-language display (Japanese, English, Thai, etc.)


Inquiry form

for production control system

Inquiry form

for production control system

Factory-ONE : Easy-to-use MiniERP production control system

Performance after installation and product characteristics

It is a strong tool for solving important factory management problems.
3 things

Factory-ONE is a strong tool for solving 3 important factory management problems:

1. Reduce the lead time required to make decisions by knowing information about management.


2. Improve management efficiency by centralizing data and sharing information


3. Establish operational standards in the company to avoid situations where only one person can perform certain tasks.

ประสิทธิภาพหลังการ ติดตั้งและลักษณะเด่น ของผลิตภัณฑ์

Factory-ONE GL System Overview


Order receiving and delivery

A planned order (Make to Stock Manufacturing Order) will be handled based on the customer's order receipt and order status information. The system can also manage customer orders that have not yet been delivered. Availability and actual stock management based on stock allocation and disbursement. transportation arrangements Checking the delivery change history and notification of delayed delivery In addition, it is also able to receive the confirmed order information sent by the customer as EDI data into the system. The delivery process can also be carried out based on the order information. (But it can also deliver a delivery that doesn't match the order.)

Image by Austin Distel

production planning

The system can help plan the standard production of all factories as a whole. A production plan can be automatically generated from stock information. (But it can also be recorded manually) The production plan record page can check the movement of the stock.with adjustable delivery date in calendar format This is especially effective for repeating orders for the same product. It is a very small lot. It can also import Forecast data.Sent from the customer as an EDI into the system to update the production planning as well.


Material Requirements Planning – MRP

The system will plan the raw material requirements (MRP) according to the standard production plan that has been laid out. Based on the Master Item Structure (BOM in hierarchical form), it calculates the total amount of raw material required minus the amount of raw material in stock reserved until it is the net amount of raw material required. Then bring it to the conclusion and round up to a round number. Then used to create a purchasing plan. It also prepares the production process. (Issuing production orders) together with the preparation of raw materials (orders) and calculates the order date. (start date) and delivery date. (end date) according to the standard schedule of the procedure. (Provision number) and lead time of the order as well. As for the MRP, it can be recalculated indefinitely. until confirmation Therefore, it can also be used to simulate the raw material purchase plan and work load distribution plan.


progress management

You can compare the work orders and actual results in Gantt Chart format.


Product Series

MRP version, manufacturing order management version, hybrid version and sales management system. (Default system) after installing a sales management system After the initial installation (initial system), the customer can perform step-by-step retrofitting of the production control system as appropriate for their business growth.


MRP version

Forecast/On Order Suitable production model: mass production repeat production

(Both by forecast and by order)

(support lot production)


Manufacturing Order Management version

piece-to-order production

Suitable production model: individual order production and semi-standard order production.

Product Series

TOPICS – Announcement

Factory-ONE is officially certified by a public interest organization.


Factory-ONE is officially certified by a public interest organization. Tokyo SME Support Center on April 13, 2016 as one of “Supported Products for International Market Expansion” The key factor for this selection was due to the success of the system sales and installation in Thailand started by the CSI Group. Since 2015 onwards We are currently presenting this system as a software recommended by the Tokyo Metropolitan SME Promotion Center for SMEs, mainly targeting Japanese manufacturing businesses that expand into Thailand.

On April 13, 2016, the production control system “Factory-ONE GL”, a solution managed by the CSI Group, was officially certified by a public interest organization. Tokyo SME Support Center is one of the “Supported Products on Expansion to Overseas Market”

To be selected this time. The important factor is the success in selling and installing systems in Thailand by CSI Solution (*1) that has been done since last year. From now on, we will present this system as a software recommended by the Tokyo Metropolitan SMEs Promotion Center for SMEs aiming at the expanding Japanese manufacturing business. mainly into Thailand

   addition We also have plans to participate in exhibits at the fair. The “Manufacturing EXPO 2016” was also held at BITEC from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th June 2016.

【Reference information】
Supported product information about public interest organization's international market expansion Tokyo SME Support Center

(*1) CSI Solutions is part of the CSI Group, acting as a distributor for Factory-One production control systems developed by Ex.

“Factory-One” is a product developed by the company. EX click here to visit the EX company website

TOPICS – ข่าวประกาศ
Packages that customize users are not user-adaptive
“Factory-One MF R3.0” is an outstanding product at the top. of such products by being a package that “Customer-optimized”, not “user-optimized”, built to be as close as possible to the customer needs. It can also be adapted to a wide range of needs according to business models, giving rise to inherent productivity gains. This “high autonomy” is what sets it apart from other companies’ products.

More than 1,250 units have been sold mainly to small and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan. covering various types of businesses such as electrical appliances steel manufacturing industry food industry and timber business Including the manufacturing industry/assembling parts in many fields. The companies that install this package are companies with a staff size of 50-100 people, accounting for one-quarter of them, and companies with a size of 100-300 employees, another one-quarter of the total number.







The system that has been adjusted from R3.0 to fully support overseas use is the GL R1.0 version.

with the following outstanding characteristics

  1. Full support for displaying in English, including layouts such as captions and text.

  2. foreign currency support Determining the number of decimal places of the unit price/amount and calculating the tax rate and tax value

  3. The screen has been adjusted to be simpler and more convenient to use.

  4. Support for common forms required abroad such as INVOICE, DEBIT NOTE, DELIVERY NOTE.

It can reduce the time it takes to validate and design for an application known as a process.

FIT&GAP, including the time it takes to develop the system

Image by Adi Goldstein
Image by freestocks
The installation will not be successful if it is not accepted by Thai people.

In the case of Japanese factories Even if Thai people want to install the system, if there is no approval from the Japanese person who is responsible, the system will not be installed. On the other hand, although the Japanese are the initiators of installing the system, but If Thai users don't accept it, it won't succeed. This is not only Thailand. But the installation of the system in foreign countries The first thing is Must make users in that country There is a feeling of easy to understand I want to try it

“GL R1.0” is a product that can be easily used overseas. with the following concept

  1. It is accepted by overseas users.

  2. Quick and sure to set up and use.

  3. Let"s start with improving stock accuracy.

The system is packed full of functionality but is easy to understand

and doesn"t feel complicated.

Of course, the system R3.0 can be adjusted according to the needs of

UserIn the same way, the original Factory-One series was revealed.

source code already there is no part of the Black box in the product,

making even Our company whichAs only a dealer, it can operate and provide

help quicklynot different from system developers Also, in comparison with There is also a lower-end version of the product.higher functional integrity and Can be installed at half the price one of japan Some customers even said that “Easily approved by the parent company”

What to expect as a dealer

CSI Group is the first Japanese Tailor Made system developer. Of Thailand, which has a history of installing and operating systems for more than 25 years, has a total of about 340 employees, of which more than 30 are Japanese employees. We have established an installation team for working on each product. With a staff consisting of experienced engineers participating in every step of the installation process from project presentation to after-sales service.

GL R1.0 also has a dedicated team of experts including staff who are fluent in Thai, English and Japanese, known as Project coordinator, which is a work system rarely found in other companies. But it is considered as one of our company  support team.

What the developer of this package expects from a reseller is that people with expertise in the product can operate efficiently without the developer's company having to travel to the customer site itself. On the other hand, what customers who go into the system expect from a dealer is the knowledge and ability to make decisions to deal with every situation that arises on site without having to ask the developer from all things japanese

As for CSI, we are confident that we can meet all of these expectations. as well as being able to be a distributor in the ASEAN region, which will not only carry out installations in Thailand but also to expand customers to other countries surrounding as well



Arayz “Special Edition on Introduction to Accounting and Taxation”

CSI has been introduced as a provider of installation, maintenance and support for the implementation of production control systems in Thailand. In the Journal of Business and Economic Information of Thailand and ASEAN “Arayz” in “Special Issue on Fundamentals of Accounting and Taxation” (No. 66 of June 2017)“

“Arayz – Business Magasine of Thai, Asian and Bangkok“

in a special edition titled “Introduction to Accounting and Taxation for Executives”

It uses Thai experts to support the installation of packages which are imported from Japan and grown in Thailand.

from the combination of accounting systems Production control system and local know-how will provide strong support for the manufacturing industry.

Toukei Company, which develops and sells accounting systems for Japanese companies in Thailand, EX Company that develops and sells production control systems in Japan, and CSI, which is responsible for installing, maintaining and operating Ex production control systems in Thailand, have developed and sold accounting systems for Japanese companies in Thailand. Collaborate with the goal of providing a program package that supports asset management and increases productivity in the manufacturing and accounting sectors of the manufacturing industry.

  • How will the cooperation between these three benefit the Japanese manufacturing industry in Thailand?

  • It seems that there are cases where the packaged program has been purchased to use it to improve performance. But it turns out that it can't install smoothly until it doesn't work fully. Then what is the secret to a successful program installation?

  • What is the critical moment to install the package?


Japanese news aggregator site newsclip Thailand has published an interview with CSISolutions (CSI Group) about its production control system.

public relations media : & article page
Date of article posting: Friday, November 6, 2011
Informant: Mr. Furuya Keisuke (Sales Manager)

CSI Solution & production control system (CSI Group)

Packages adapted to User needs
Screen style that Thai people feel “Easy to use”

Even in the Thai manufacturing industry that prioritizes increasing production strength and increasing production volumes, the system installation rate is increasing every year. And although looking at specific information on the part of Japanese companies, both medium and small. It still uses one system in the amount of 40 – 50%, however, there are still a lot of problems, such as “Since it is a package program, the system does not work properly, making it unable to use it fully” or “only manages the raw material import and export sector”, what is called the system. It must be able to recognize the progress status of the production line and accurately calculate the production cost. and use the results obtained to make management decisions The system that we offer is a system that Thai people at the event can use to the fullest. And Japanese people can use it to make accurate business decisions.

There are many “no flexibility” packages.

CSI Group has a proud track record of software development in Thailand for over 24 years and our company, CSI Solution, was established as a package department. It has entered into a partnership agreement with Ex, the owner of a system that combines production and sales control for small and medium-sized businesses, Factory-one MF R3.0 which was released in October last year. come which has begun to be installed for some Japanese manufacturing companies in Thailand

Ex Company has used the program version “MF R3.0”, which is a complete production control system, as a prototype for improvement to fully support overseas use. By releasing a product in a new series called Factory one GL R1.0 in June this year, and CSI has also begun distribution to ASEAN countries, including Thailand.


Packaged products Compared to Scratch Development, despite its low cost and ease of installation, on the other hand, there is often a point where it cannot be fully adapted to the business model, making it easy to use. hard work Although the system is easy to use in the early stages of the installation, it will eventually cause problems such as “unable to change the package specs to suit the increasing or decreasing production line” and causing dissatisfaction. For example, “No flexibility”, “Need to adapt the functionality to the package”, etc.

The real purpose of a production control system is Must understand the progress status of the work in process (Work in Process) and calculate the appropriate production cost. Then the information obtained is used to make management decisions. but in the current situation The package is still difficult to use. The most applicable is to control the receipt of raw materials and the export of goods. And what is seen most is just a system “Useful only for printing slips to receive items in and out only.”


Inquiry Form – Factory-ONE

If you have any questions or requests regarding “Factory-ONE (Production Control System)”, you can contact us by filling out the form below.

Inquiry form for Factory-ONE production control system

หัวข้อที่ต้องการสอบถาม* (เลือกได้หลายคำตอบ)
โมดูลของ Factory-ONE ที่ท่านสนใจ (เลือกได้หลายคำตอบ)

responsible person production control system Will check the content of inquiries that come in. and respond within 3 business days.

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