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Web meeting with digital technology To support presentations and work remotely (Remote Working) of your company.

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Enhance customer service efficiency through new communication methods.

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world, CSI has a policy to promote more online meetings. To comply with internal regulations and customer policies

Web meeting (Web Meeting) or online meetings. It makes it easy to share information within our company. It also allows us to organize meetings with clients to make presentations.

If you want to inquire or request a consultation You can contact us via online meeting channels, email and phone.

We can support your company's remote working.

We have an IT team that specializes in network security measures. Ready to support remote working (Remote Working) of your company.

  • Introducing a secure web conferencing tool.

  • Control external connections via VPN

  • Improve the speed of communication network.

  • Support installation of "Office 365", Microsoft's cloud-based service.

  • Information Security Measures (anti-virus, risk management)

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Meetings

Q1: Example of Web Meeting Contents

What kind of content can web conferencing be available?

We conduct web meetings with clients that are based on the following example.

  • Consultation on the implementation of digital systems in the organization (Digitalization)

  • Offer various CSI solutions

  • Inquire about system requirements

  • Project progress report

  • Answer questions about technical content

  • Meeting to discuss how to proceed next time

  • and so on

This is due to the fact that in some cases the presentation of the customer's solutions or situations (eg network environment, security policy, etc.) may require us to visit the customer directly at the Company. to conduct an actual site survey in which the customer encounters We will ask the customer's needs and situation first in order to offer the best and most suitable solution to the customer.

Q2: Web Meeting Tools

What tools do you use for web conferencing?

Use “Microsoft Teams” or other tools specified by Customer.

In the event that the customer is not specifically identified : We recommend “Microsoft Teams”.

We recommend web conferencing using Microsoft's “Teams.”

*CSI Groups We are Microsoft's Gold Partner.


How to join a meeting via “Teams”

We will send a meeting link URL to your email to invite you to join the web meeting.

at the scheduled meeting time You just have to click on the meeting link from the email received. You can join meetings for free and do not need to download or install applications in advance.

In case the customer wants to specify the tools for use in the meeting

You can inform the meeting tools you want to use. We will make arrangements to allow meetings with the tools listed.

Ex: Skype, ZOOM, Google Hangouts, etc.

Q3: How to schedule an appointment for a web meeting?

will set the date Web conferencing tools including how to proceed?

We will contact you in advance through various contact methods such as telephone, e-mail, etc.

We will be in touch to discuss scheduling, meeting dates and tools to use as you wish via email or phone.

You can ask for more information on the “Contact Us” page on the CSI website.

Q4: Support both Japanese and Thai.

Can Japanese and Thai people attend web meetings at the same time?

We have interpreters available to support your meeting. depending on the details of the meeting

For meeting content that requires both Japanese and Thai people to attend the meeting at the same time, such as asking for system requirements Our interpreters are also able to join web meetings.

However, in some cases we may offer to hold meetings separately for each language. to make the meeting run smoothly

Q5: Attending a web meeting from home

Can I attend web meetings from home?

Able to attend web meetings from home

You can attend web meetings from the comfort of your home.

Please check your home internet signal in advance to see if it can connect to web conferencing.

In addition, there may be instances where our employees will attend web meetings from home as well.

During a web conferencing, sometimes unintentional sound or image may occur. Although we are fully careful. Therefore, I would like to inform you in advance. If there is such a problem, we sincerely apologize here.

Inquire about Web Meeting and Remote Working

Even when the situation has not returned to normal This makes meetings and discussions difficult, but CSI continues to strive to deliver the best customer satisfaction.

If your company has any needs You can request through any of our contact channels.

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