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Interview with the developers of the “Factory-ONE” series.

System installation work for more than 1,600 customers
Talk to the developer of the production control system series. “Factory-One” about “Expanding the future installation base of Factory-One in Thailand”


The “Factory-One” series is a production control system for small and medium-sized businesses with a total number of installations for more than 1,600 customers. in Japan, and there is also "Factory-One GL" which is an overseas version that is expanding the system installation to foreign countries. with Thailand and ASEAN as the center

We have the opportunity to talk with the company. EXcorporation who foresaw the need for such an expanding market in Thailand and is considered the originator of the series “Factory-One” is about the vision of future operations both in Thailand and abroad. Including the involvement of CSI as a partner in being a distributor in foreign countries and the installation of the system to be practical.

“Factory-ONE GL” Japanese standard production control system

“Factory-ONE GL” is “Factory-ONE MF” developed to support use outside Japan. The system was born out of a call from Japan's small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises who want to expand their production base overseas and want to adopt a high-quality production control system similar to that of Japan.

By requiring the system to have only the functions necessary to operate even outside of Japan, it really makes it possible to set a reasonable price framework. "Factory-ONE GL" is therefore an international version of "Factory-ONE MF" with Know-How. widely spread in Japan It can also be adapted to Thai business practices.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand


“Factory-ONE” expands its installation base to foreign countries along with customers who have started to open the Thai market.

Because “Factory-ONE MF” was originally developed mainly for the Japanese market. especially manufacturers of automobile and motorcycle parts. But with the continuous expansion of production bases into Thailand of such manufacturers, it is an incentive to bring “Factory-ONE” enters Thailand Thailand has the infrastructure to support work. In addition, the customer's factory has the skills for the installation and operation of the production control system. That's why we thought we wanted to expand our base to Thailand.

Difficulty in implementing production control systems in Thailand

Modifications to fit the unique culture and business traditions of Thailand.

Difficulty in function

in that function We think that Thai business culture and customs such as BOI, basic accounting system or unique tax system are difficult to perform basic functions. In the first phase of planning for the development of foreign versions of the system We have been given the advice that has been taken into consideration. Although we don't have the slightest knowledge of Thai business customs, however, in the end, we choose to bring only the basic functions and work with partners who understand the local situation very well. until the formation of a model that is suitable for Thailand

Difficulty from the user's point of view

The other side, which is the user's view. We see it as very difficult as well. The point is, what methods can be used to integrate the way of thinking, purpose/goals and perceptions and cultures into the system? especially If the Japanese system and methods of working are used in a company that has both Japanese and Thai people working together. The above is very important.

What is the strength of “Factory-ONE” in Thailand?


"Factory-ONE" the foreign version that everyone said. “Easy to understand!”

The No. 1 strength of “Factory-ONE GL” is that it is an easy-to-understand and usable Japanese-style production control system that Thailand has an easy-to-understand look. Therefore, it has often received good feedback when demos such as “Easy to understand!” “This is what I want!” We think it is because of the history of the series with more than 1,600 installations in the country. Japan contributed to that outcome.


Same service as Japan in Thailand

Having CSI as a partner in Thailand and receiving great support from both countries, Japan and Thailand. including the project whose members are Japanese and Thai expert engineers. This makes it another strong point that we can provide services that are not different from those in Japan.

Reasons for choosing CSI as a partner to expand your base in Thailand


CSI has long trusted experience and expertise.

When implementing the partner system outside of Japan The problem that we often encounter is How can we provide the same service as in Japan? While we are looking for companies that can expand our business together. So we started talking to CSI as a trusted partner. Has guaranteed results for more than 20 years, has expertise in production control systems and has experience in installing packages for many other companies.


CSI is the key from the first to the last step. that makes it possible to expand the base to foreign countries successfully

More than half of our system users outside Japan are users in Thailand that CSI installs the system for. There are very few companies that can manage the process completely on their own. Starting from the proposal process, defining contract terms, installation assistance, after support, CSI is a do-it-yourself company. This makes us trust very much. CSI is the sponsor of overseas base expansion. EXcorporation as well

“Factory-ONE GL” has been optimized based on feedback from CSI prior to release.

At the time of developing [GL R1.0], which is an international version. We've optimized the opinions and recommendations from CSI. We have added useful functions based on the information we have gathered. And until it evolved to [GL R2.0]. In August 2019, we added functions to cover almost every function as suggested by CSI. CSI is an opinion partner. that are beneficial to the producers and EXcorporation very much

Vision of operations in Thailand from now on


I want to make "Factory-ONE" more known in Thailand.

The Factory-ONE series is the name of a system package already known to customers in Japan. But in Thailand, the word Factory-ONE is not very widespread. In addition, among Japanese companies that expand to Thailand, some still use Excel as a basic program to manage various problems. And some companies can't switch to other systems. So the point that needs to be thought about is how do we market and publicize it to suit those companies?


Hear from customers, evolved into GL R2.0 and we'll move on.

The feedback of “Factory-ONE GL R1.0” has increased from the number of customers using it. It seems that in the early stages of adopting the system We have received requests to add more functionality in other ways. as well as having more customers who produce products according to orders to expand the market into Thailand such customers It seems that there is a wider scope of details of the work that we want to use. As a result of continuous improvement and gradually adding more functions according to instructions and requests, we have developed the "GL R 2.0" that has the number 1 "support". Made to order products” came out in August 2019 and released the “GL R 2.0” as the next model. Therefore, it has become a model that is more responsive to the needs of customers by bringing the voice of customers to improve.

As a result of our implementation of customer business model changes and user growth, we may be able to receive more requests from our customers in other ways. We intend to listen to the voices of our customers and study the current world. to further develop the system further

Expectations for CSI going forward

CSI plays an important role in Thailand with partners who work closely with each other. Not just past works in the past. But in the future, we intend that we want to accomplish important tasks together. Both on expanding bases in Thailand, ASEAN and around the world. For that, we will continue to discuss and continue to exchange important information between the two companies.



Hiromoto Youichi (General Manager, Solution Plans)

Mr. Kando Ryo (Overseas Sales Manager, Solution Plan)

Thank you all for sharing this useful story.

From now on, CSI will work hard to the best of its ability. and is the best overseas partner for Next Excorporation

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