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C.S.I. participated in the exhibition "Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017"

CSI has joined the booth to showcase technology at the JAPAN Pavilion at the digital technology potential exhibition organized by the Thai government under the concept of "Digital Transformation Thailand".

Event Summary

Event name: “Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017”

Date : 21 September (Thu) – 24 September (Sun)

Location : IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

Organizer : DEPA(Digital Economy Promotion Agency)

Official Website

Technology showcase at the CSI booth:

  1. Co-exhibitor Liquid's biometric authentication platform

  2. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Seminar organized by CSI :

Title : Thailand 4.0 × Biometric Authentication
Event date : Thursday 21 September 2017 time 15:00 – 16:00
Presenter : Ms. Piriya(CSI)
Guest : Mr. Ishida(Liquid Company)

Event results

Event overview information from the event's Facebook :

Number of participants (People) : over 241,000 people
Number of exhibitors (investors): over 600 people from more than 40 countries
Number of media attending the event : More than 700 people (both domestic and international)
Number of likes on Facebook : 8,194,648 Likes

Information of the CSI booth:

Number of interested visitors: over 400 people
Number of people who pre-registered for the seminar: more than 70 people
Number of business cards exchanged : Over 70 people
Number of respondents: over 130 people

event photo

Figure 1, 2 : A large number of exhibitors were interested in visiting CSI's booth on the day of the fair.


Figure 3: Prime Minister General Prayut visits the Japan Pavilion where CSI's booth is open


Figure 4, 5 : Mr. Pichet, Minister of Digital Economy and Society visits CSI booth


Figure 6 : Products brought to the booth (1) Biometric authentication platform


Figure 7 : Children having fun at the biometric authentication trial corner.


Figure 8 : Products brought to the booth (2) RPA demonstration screen opens to a large monitor.
Makes visitors able to see the booth clearly


Figure 9 : Seminar on Biometric Authentication at CSI as a speaker
I would like to thank everyone who attended the seminar.


Greetings from Otomo-san who is in charge of this booth.

To be able to attend a major exhibition hosted by Thailand by General Prayut, the Prime Minister was a very meaningful moment for me.


The big concept of our company since its inception in Thailand 26 years ago is to spread the great Japanese technology in Thailand together with building trust among people.


which among the Japanese technology Having the opportunity to present a biometric authentication platform I believe that it will be a step that will help Thai society to progress further.


From the Digital Economy Development Plan, which is the main policy of Thailand 4.0, many businessmen in logistics and finance have attended the event.


I am confident that with this Liquid solution showcase, the debate on how Thai society under the FinTech trend will change will intensify.


And our CSI company will do our best to support Thailand to develop into a more digital era in the future.

28th Floor Silom Complex Tower
191 Silom Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Call : 02-231-3851

Fax : 02-231-3860

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