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Now, the situation of the epidemic of coviral 19 is coming back. Of course, many people Organizations must change their work to work from home.

and when outside the organization Technological safety measures are also dwindling. This puts employees more at risk of being attacked.

Today, admin has some good advice on how to work from home safely for you.

1. Connect to a secure home internet network only. VPN (Virtual Private Network ) should be enabled to login. or transmitting important information of the organization Because using a VPN will keep the data encrypted from home to The endpoint of the organization's work system safely When away from home, connect to Wi-Fi from your mobile phone. But if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi, always use a VPN and Anti-Virus system.

2. Set a password that is strong and strong. It is recommended that you use a different password for each account, maybe use a Password Manager to help or use 2-Factor (2FA) authentication, it would be great. Because in addition to using your password, you can also use things you have such as fingerprints or security tokens to add another layer of security.

3. Do not allow other people in the home to use corporate devices.

because if the device is brought to a dangerous website Or use it for a job that risks infecting your device with malware. Devices that hold important corporate data may lead to data leak incidents

4. Update the working program. antivirus program and device operating system This ensures that all devices and systems are protected and prevents hackers from using this momentum to send malware to attack and damage corporate systems.

5. Lock your device screen whenever you don't use it. In addition to creating a certain level of security Working outside of the office may present a risk of loss or theft of your device, such as leaving your phone in a coffee shop, so keep BitLocker or FileVault on.

6. Always keep an eye on our equipment. If an abnormal situation occurs, the organization's IT Support department should be reported immediately.

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