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KAIZEN x IIOT, the heart of continuous development.

Do you know the word KAIZEN?

KAIZEN in Japanese means “improvement”. This word is at the heart of TOYOTA's relentless development carried out mainly in the manufacturing industry. which got excellent results And it is the foundation that TOYOTA has adhered to in the management of the organization for a long time. This principle is also the basis of the work of employees at all levels, from management to general factory workers.

How to proceed with Kaizen?

Identify areas that need improvement, such as waste. or a better way to manage it, etc.

Analyze and understand the situation as carefully as possible. Including having to study the information to be accurate as well

Let's start! Try it first and learn gradually. deal with problems

Today, CSI, a Japanese IT company with over 30 years of experience in Thailand, picked up IIoTxKAIZEN's frequently used terms.

for everyone to read in an easy-to-understand manner

ANDON (あんどん)
“Visual manipulation tool“ will show the production situation. What happens in the production line will be forwarded in real time, such as production status, malfunction. Quality Inspection Instructions production equipment maintenance time Transportation advice, etc., thereby enabling planned production, reducing wastage and increasing productivity.
KANBAN  Refers to a production control system with a display sign (kanban card) to communicate and control the effectiveness of the production site. without losing  
   which means a timely production system produce what you want
When needed and in required quantities, and control over production and overstocking
POKAYOKE  is a “error prevention system” when human error occurs. We take precautions for the device and its use to avoid accidental damage or damage to the product.
・Prevent malfunctions with AR navigation       and sound
・Digital selection prevents picking errors and
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