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JP1 is an integrated system operations management solution consisting of these 3 areas which can be implemented step-by-step partially for each necessary area

3 areas provided by JP1



Integrated management of IT assets

(1) Understand situation of IT assets
(2) เComply with Thai law “Computer Crime Act (CCA)”
(3) Remote maintenance

Security management

(1) Monitor and remove unauthorized PC
(2) Record and track each operation type of client PC



IT staff automation

(1) Automate system working operation

Job management

(1) Clearly define job task and operation flow
(2) Execute and monitor task schedule defined in advance according to the calendar



System operation monitoring

(1) Intensively monitor whether the overall system is running without any problem
(2) Collect running performance information of system application
(3) Perform visual mapping management for the entire network

Error detection and response

(1) Set automatic notification to administrators in case of trouble
(2) Unify management of issues such as inquiries and troubles, etc.


IT system operations management software “JP1” provides an integrated support for system operation automation, IT asset management, etc.

Implementation by all-in-one package

- No additional cost will be added with the addition of optional function.
It can be implemented with an easy-to-understand fee structure.

User-friendly screen design for beginner

- It can smoothly start practical use after implementation without any complicated operation.

Multi-language (Multilingual) support

- Support in Japanese, English and Chinese is included as standard.


* In C.S.I., we provide operational support and explanation of how to use in Thai for Thai staffs who have practical use of this software, and take good care of all concerns and questions after implementation.

JP1 คืออะไร
ขอบเขตการทำงาน 3 ส่วนของ JP1

Problems in the work process

What are the problems in the system's work processes in Thailand and Southeast Asia?


Using pirated software

- Think that the software you use is legal, but it's actually pirated software from using pirated software. The program or the computer doesn't work!?


- Employees do non-work related things during working hours.

Unrelated software has been installed secretly.


- This creates a risk of data leaks and unauthorized access.

Outsiders can freely access information within the company.


- According to the law "Computer Crime Act" of Thailand, the company will be responsible as well.
Can't claim that "I don't know"

Compliance with the "Computer Crime Act"


- Being in a situation where it is difficult to determine whether the system or computer being used is Who manages what and when?

and how

There are no rules or people responsible for IT.


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The integrated system operations management “JP1” is the product developed by Hitachi, Ltd.


Why do we recommend implementing JP1 by C.S.I.?


C.S.I. group, we are a Japanese system development company with over 31 years of experiences and achievements in Thailand which is an official partner company to support selling/implementation of JP1 in Thailand.

We are well-versed in actual system operation and IT environment in Thailand, so we get favorable comments from a lot of customers for our feasible and solid support system.

Since we became a partner company of JP1 in 2010, we still conduct regular meetings with Hitachi group, the product developer every month, and continue to provide reliable support for customers.

What “JP1” Can Do to Preserve Its Critical IT Assets

Centralized management of IT assets

Get to know the current state of IT assets.

Able to maintain or enhance security

Able to manage hardware information (the amount of free hard disk drive or the amount of memory) and the computer software used by each user in the company centrally.

As a result, it can detect and eliminate illegal operations or pirated software. Plus, it's much easier to maintain and manage critical security levels. As a result, security can be enhanced as well.


keep log legal

Measures for the "Computer Crime Act" of Thailand

In the event that an employee commits an offense using the company's network system (Including the offense of defamation) the company is also responsible according to the law "Computer Crime Act. of Thailand"

Even Japanese companies By law, there is a duty to keep logs for at least 90 days.

Which JP1 has a function that can record the log and store it, thus supporting the protection of the laws of Thailand


Maintenance through the remote system

Handle problems and inquiries from remote areas quickly.

Can control the operation of each user's computer or server remotely.  Although it is a large business with many production bases When a problem occurs at a computer or server, it can investigate the cause of the problem and take corrective action without the need to travel directly to each production base. They can also respond to on-site inquiries much faster and easier than before.

สิ่งที่ “JP1” สามารถทำได้เพื่อรักษา สินทรัพย์ทาง IT อันสำคัญยิ่ง
ทำไมจึงต้องให้ C.S.I. ทำการติดตั้ง JP1 ให้?
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