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Asprova : Production Scheduling System


Asprova is the solution to support production planning.

Do you have any worries about these business problems?

1. Despite having plenty of stock, there is still shortage of raw materials and WIP parts. 
2. Production line frequently stops at the end and the beginning of the month.
3. Inflexibility in responding to urgent orders or change in due date
4. Resignation of a planner results in worsened planning accuracy

C.S.I. can solve these business problems by Asprova !

Special Features of Asprova APS Solution

Global Implementation Success

Asprova is the top brand of production scheduler that has been implemented in over 1,600 sites in Japan, and over 400 sites in foreign countries. It can solve problems in manufacturing industry by providing visualization of production plan, shortening of lead time, stock reduction/cost reduction, etc.

In Thailand, C.S.I. ‘s APT certified engineers (5 persons including Japanese and Thai were enrolled) will support implementation and operation.

Highly-flexible and high-speed scheduling with sophisticated function

Asprova is a production scheduler software that creates multi-item and multi-process production plan with high speed.

The software will output practicable work instruction by considering production capacity of machinery and equipment, limitation according to number of jigs and tools, and manpower load.
Moreover, the production planning will be calculated based on unique algorithms. Scheduling for a hundred thousand tasks can be completed in about 10 seconds.

Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use graphical user interface

The scheduling result by Asprova will be graphically displayed in Gantt chart which is visible in the factory.
In addition, one can easily check the plan for several months ahead of schedule on the screen to accurately foresee delivery time.


The program can easily be interfaced with external system such as ERP, work result collecting system, etc.

Not only OLE DB such as SQL Server, Oracle, Asprova also has interface function that can connect to Excel, CSV, text file, etc. without program for database management as a standard function.


Implementation Example

[Asprova], the Production Scheduling System, has been published Implementation example.

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