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ADA : Analytics Dashboard -Smart Visualizations
with your Business

Business information can be viewed in real time on a dashboard display system. And the results can be analyzed to develop the business.


ADA: What is Analytics Dashboard?


ADA (Analytics Dashboard Framework) is a ready-made Dashboard display system to facilitate the work of Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources, Insurance to be able to link with existing systems to display results. Visualization To provide an overview of work in each category in every dimension. Complete with tools for creating graphs by yourself.

ADA Features and Strengths


ADA is a framework that CSI has developed using knowledge and expertise from experience in Thailand and from developing various industries for more than 30 years, which is a combination of Package System and Tailor made (system development from the beginning according to customer needs). By bringing the advantages of each together. Therefore it is easy to customize according to customer needs. and makes it easy to use with other systems as well


Save costs

Cost-saving, easy to develop

the system


compatible with a range of business models

Results for every type of business are displayed on a standard Dashboard page.


Easy to share reports

You can schedule reports to be sent automatically via Line or email.



Additional abilities can be added as needed.


Connect to other systems


Open channels to communicate with other applications.



Support for multiple languages

Can be modified and added in many languages


Unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of users and annual license


Customize the display

You can customize the display as desired.


Add a business model

Types of business models can be expanded or contracted.

Main features of ADA

  1. Master Data Setting

  2. User & Permission Setting

  3. KPI & Target Setting

  4. Notification Setting : Email & Line

  5. Export Data Setting : CSV, Excel, PDF

  6. Automated Report Setting : Select Report, Dashboard & Frequency Setting

ADA Series

ADA is a dashboard for analytics used across various industries.

M-Series : Manufacturing (manufacturing industry)

Manufacturing - Overall Dashboard

MicrosoftTeams-image (106).png

OEE Analytics

Screenshot 2566-10-17 at 14.20.49.png

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Analytic is

By displaying production equipment performance data on a dashboard, knowing the current state of OEE will help you understand problems and their causes. This will lead to quality improvement and cost reduction.

WIP Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.57.29.png

WIP (Work In Process) Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard regarding work in progress and information on work pieces that are in process.

Receive Order & Shipment Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.47.33.png

Receive Order & Shipment Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard regarding orders and shipments.

QC Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.57.42.png

QC (Quality Control) Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard regarding quality control.

Lead Time Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.58.21.png

Lead Time Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard about the time spent in each process (Lead Time). If you can understand which process takes how much time from the analysis report and reduce the lead time for that product. You will be able to reduce inventory and reduce costs.

Operator Performance Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.48.01.png

Operator Performance Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard regarding the work performance and hours utilization rate of operators involved in production.

Machine Performance Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.47.17.png

Machine Performance Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard regarding the operating rate of production equipment.

Production Yield Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.46.39.png

Production Yield Analytics is the display of information on the Dashboard related to production data. This makes it possible to improve production efficiency by understanding the ratio of finished goods.

Accurately connect the amount of raw materials

Defect Analytics

Screenshot 2566-05-25 at 14.48.09.png

Defect Analytics is a dashboard displaying data related to quality defects. If the damage rate is higher than normal They will be able to check if there is a problem with the device and quickly fix it. In addition to being able to know information in real time If the defective rate exceeds the specified value Notifications can be sent via email or LINE so that abnormalities can be noticed immediately.

F-Series : Financial

Financial - Overall Dashboard

MicrosoftTeams-image (108).png

Profit / Loss

Cash Flow

L-Series : Logistics 

Logistics & Warehouse - Overall Dashboard

MicrosoftTeams-image (107).png

Fleet Management - Maximize efficiency in transportation work.

Screenshot 2566-10-17 at 15.17.11.png

Warehouse (Capacity Usage)

Warehouse (Inbound)

Warehouse (Outbound)

Transportation (Route & Route Status)

H-Series : Human Resource

Human Resource - Overall Dashboard



Absenteeism & Leave

Brochure Download

ADA Brochure

PDF File

Language : English

Sample Screen

You can customize the display as desired.

MicrosoftTeams-image (70).png

Factory Overall

A summary screen can be displayed for the entire factory. and click on each graph to view details of each report.

The graphs are displayed in a variety of formats. There is also an analysis report that is easy to use. Can be viewed in real time


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