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Rubix : User Friendly WMS Warehouse Management System

Rubix is a warehouse management software (WMS or Warehouse management system) developed by the CSI Group. It controls the main management of the warehouse, such as receiving, distributing or controlling goods within the warehouse via computers or mobile devices. in order to maximize the benefits of work and reduce the cost of wasted in the warehouse Can be used in a wide variety of businesses both transportation business Treasury management in the factory warehouse rental business retail business and other types of business

Examples of what Rubix can do

  1. can recommend storage picking Know the free space in the inventory.

  2. More than 20 basic inventory reports are available.

  3. Can share website information with customers

  4. There is a function to calculate expenses within the warehouse.

  5. Able to save cargo vehicle information

  6. Both PC and Handheld are available.

  7. Able to view virtual images in graphical form.

Highlights of Rubix

  1. Reduce errors, have an incorrect pick-up notification or picking up products that don't match the order

  2. increase the speed of work There is a recommendation system for picking up / collecting products.

  3. convenient to use There are support languages for many languages, Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese.

  4. There is a team of Engineers who can modify the program according to the user's instructions.

rubix : Warehouse Management System


We have developed a new system based on our knowledge of Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed for a wide range of customers to date.

In addition to standard templates, this solution can be customized according to individual customer requirements or developing interfaces to connect to other applications as well.

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