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RPA Training and Internships

WinActor is a famous RPA program in Japan. which our company CSI Thailand has organized short-term training courses for students who practice cooperative education in our company Have come to learn the basics of using the RPA program called WinActor. Let's go to interview the students' feelings after this training. Let's go.

❓Q1 Is today's training fun?

❓Q2 Is this training difficult?

❓Q3 Is there anything you would like to study more?

❓Q4 What benefits do you think we get from learning RPA?

❓Q5 What impressed you the most this time?

Thanks for watching. WinActor is easy to learn. If anyone is interested in studying RPA with us or interested in RPA products, we will have a trial version and manual. You can contact via CSI website. Thank you.

What is RPA?

What-is-RPA_TH (1).png

”RPA” system that will allow various functions to be automated which will have robots to help work instead And it also helps that work to be more efficient as well.

RPA : Automation Solutions

The trial period is full 30 days!

During the trial period You can learn how to use it through a PDF manual with illustrations to help you understand. If you get stuck or have questions, we have a Support Desk service to help support the work and answer questions for you to use with peace of mind.

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