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On November 29, 2019, CSI Group joined the Ideathon Seminar “Digital Kaizen towards Industry 4.0” at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Bangkok.

CSI Group Attends Ideathon Seminar "Digital Kaizen towards Industry 4.0"


Details about Ideathon Seminar “Digital Kaizen towards Industry 4.0”

Ideathon Seminar “Digital Kaizen towards Industry 4.0” is a pilot project initiated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) aiming to help small and medium-sized enterprises understand their roadmap and business practices to enter the industry. 4.0 Able to use the Kaizen process based on the Japanese model to solve problems.

This seminar was attended by qualified experts as consultants to each SMEs attending each seminar. In addition, there are representatives of system developers with expertise in Smart factory to come together to come up with ideas and present solutions that can help improve the work. For suitable solution ideas from this seminar will be selected for implementation. The next PoC


Date, time and venue

Event date: 29 November 2019 from 8.30 – 17.30

Venue : Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Soi Ladprao 4, Chomphon Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok

CSI Group involvement

CSI has been selected as one of the three system developers participating in this seminar. Representatives from CSI will be paired with each SMEs to listen to the problems that SMEs want to solve and offer guidelines for digital adoption.


Activities during the seminar


  • Inform the program and details about the seminar

  • Representative from JICA and Mr. Chatchai Mr. Pitiluck deputy chief Digital Economy Promotion Agency opens the event.


  • register for the event


  • JICA Survey team presents useful information for SMEs


  • SMEs, the participants of the seminar, each company discussed internally. Collect obstacles to work Write it out as a problem and how to fix it. with qualified persons as consultants


  • SMEs, participants in the group meeting to exchange ideas with other SMEs.


  • Each SMEs bring their opinions from grouping with other SMEs back for internal discussion. Gather information into the worksheet to present the problem that needs to be solved. The results obtained from solving the problem and the process of bringing digital solutions to problems


  • 3 system developers introduce company history


CSI Company Profile Introduction


  • Each SMEs is paired with a system developer. Work together to invent and find solutions to improve work. After all SMEs have matched and talked with system developers, each SMEs can choose a developer company that is suitable for their organization to talk more.


Picture of the matchup between CSI and SMEs


  • SMEs and system developers exchange ideas to find the best option. SMEs then write the information on paper for presentations.


Image between SMEs and CSIs exchanging ideas for solving problems together.


  • SMEs and system developers come up with ideas for solving problems together. CSI has been trusted by 4 out of 6 SMEs who think that CSI's solution has the potential to help make existing problems. organization can be better


Pictures of CSIs and SMEs sharing ideas.


  • Recommend industry grants from each department


  • Introducing funds to create a PoC

  • closing speech

More pictures of the atmosphere inside the event


28th Floor Silom Complex Tower
191 Silom Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Call : 02-231-3851

Fax : 02-231-3860

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