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CSI was awarded by Asprova as the premier partner of the “Asprova” production scheduling system in Thailand.

The CSI GROUP, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, has received an invitation to receive an award for its premier partner support for the installation of the production scheduling system “Asprova” from Asprova, the poke developer. Asprova said in Tokyo, Japan.


On March 13, 2018, a Japanese engineer responsible for installation and post-install support for Asprova, a Thai project coordinator who is fluent in Thai, English and Japanese and has knowledge of Asprova products. and the production control process at the job site as well and 3 Japanese salespeople from CSI-JS (a subsidiary of CSI in Japan) participated in the award ceremony held in the “Asprova Business Partner Meeting” event at Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Hall (Tokyo City).


He was also given the opportunity to give a lecture at this Asprova Business Partner Meeting for Asprova's partners operating in Japan on the topic “Using Asprova in Thailand – Decision Support Deployment and Customer Support. is the initiator of self-operation -" as well.

Behind CSI's award from Asporva

With CSI's award from Asprova this time, we spoke with Fujii and Asprova's Kamimura about why CSI was chosen. And what to expect from CSI from now on:


vice president

Mr.Kenichiro Fujii


Head of Department, Consulting Department

Mr. Yoshitaka Kamimura

1. How do you evaluate the CSI?

Stable management and high technical ability make it reliable (Mr. Fujii)

There are both Japanese employees. Thai people who can speak Japanese and many local employees It also uses the Japanese business experience that makes it possible to provide services in a way that is no different from Japan. It is also trusted by former users. It is a reliable partner. (Mr. Kamimura)


2. The point where you can feel the difference between Thailand and Japan.

I feel that the Asprova product brand is not very well known. In addition, in regards to the installation itself, there are many projects where the needs of customers are difficult and complicated. (Mr. Fujii)

The job change rate is very high compared to Japan. This makes it difficult to use Asprova continuously and expert battles.
In this respect, CSI's low job turnover rate and dedication to training to build Asprova professionals has resulted in a large number of APT (*Ref) certified people working today and thus earning their trust. a lot as well (Ms. Murakami)

*Ref : APT is the certification exam of Asprova.
At CSI, both Thai and Japanese APT licensees are in charge of supporting the installation of Asprova in Thailand.


3. What to expect from CSI after this?

Would like to have cooperation in order to be able to provide services and develop services to respond to customers in the area such as translating the latest version of the program into Thai language or localization of content, etc. (Mr. Fujii)

It is expected to be able to meet the needs of a broader range of customers not only selling Asprova as a standalone program, but also offering solutions in which support functions are developed and linked to control systems. production, etc. (Ms. Murakami)


4. Asprova's vision towards Thailand after this

Thailand is an important market at the center of Southeast Asia. And in the future would like to add a project to install the system. and a successful example of a system installation.
From now on, I would like to focus on using Thailand, which is the center of ASEAN, to expand the system to various countries. and increase the number of Asprova installation projects for Thai companies at the same time These things, although they can be difficult to do alone. But I would like to continue to find a way to make this happen with the help of allies and allies (Mr. Fujii and Murakami).


5. What kind of customers is Asprova suitable for?

Think of Asprova's production scheduling system as essential software for every type of customer.
For those customers who don't feel important and those who think they may not be able to use it, we would like to give it a try and see the benefits of Asprova software. In Asia, our software is not very well known. Therefore, I would like to introduce our system to a large number of customers widely to know more about our system. (Ms. Murakami)


6. What kind of customer referrals do you think you'd recommend to CSI?

I think I would recommend it to Japanese customers as a stable company with high level of technical expertise.
I also think that I would recommend it to customers who not only want the Asprova system, but also want to improve it by developing support functions and connecting with other systems (Mr. Fujii and Murak Mi)

Statement from CSI Company Responsible Company on accepting the award

Thank you very much for the award received this time.

in Thailand The number of companies that have completed the production control system need a next-generation scheduling system.


After this, our CSI will continue to cooperate with Asprova with the aim of becoming the No. 1 provider of scheduling system installations in Thailand. and moving towards the next level of installation and support in ASEAN

Asprova is a production planning support solution.

I don't know if I've ever been worried about the following operational issues?

(1)Despite having a lot of stock But there is a shortage of raw materials or products in process (Semi Product).

(2)There are frequent shutdowns of the production line at the beginning and end of the month.

(3)No flexibility in dealing with express delivery and change of delivery date.

(4)Every time the person responsible for planning resigns The accuracy of the plan will be reduced.

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