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Organized to promote the operations of C.S.I.Group at the
”Accounting and Financial EXPO” (in the booth of Toukei Computer).

There is a promotion of the production control system. “Factory-ONE”, which our CSI company installs, maintains and supports operations in Thailand. At Toukei Computer's booth at the 2nd "Accounting and Financial EXPO"

In addition, on the day of the event, we also sent the staff of CSI-JS (CSI subsidiary in Japan) to help organize the event and present CSI Group information along the way.


Message from Tajima-san in charge of CSI-JS (CSI subsidiary in Japan)


Even though the first day of the event was raining On the second and third days it was sweltering. But there were still a lot of people coming. Thank you very much to everyone who attended the event.


This time, Toukei Computer's staff have created a booth decoration with a focus on Southeast Asia (Thailand), which makes it different from other companies. and focus on clear goals Create interest for colleagues and are easy to understand.


At the event, the participants' interesting opinions and issues related to overseas branches were heard during the event, which was considered very important to the benefit of doing business abroad in the future.


From now on, CSI, together with Toukei Computer and EX Company, will support all customers in expanding their base overseas. and to be successful in doing business further


You can contact us for advice at any time.


Company EX Comments : From EX Mail Magazine Issue 101

At the “Accounting and Financial EXPO 2017” held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 26 to 28, our partner company, Toukei Computer Co., had a booth there. In the same booth, our company EX and CSI Solutions (a Japanese company) also supported the exhibition.


For EX, the production control system for overseas business “Factory-ONE GL” and the strategic SCM (Supply Chain Management) service “EXtelligence EDIFAS” were showcased.


Toukei Computer has also expanded its business into ASEAN, especially the “swift” accounting system that has a strong foundation in Thailand. As a result, the sale of the system together with “Factory-ONE GL” has increased sales as well.


As EX has partnered with the company “Toukei(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.” which is a subsidiary in Thailand of Toukei Computer and “CSI SOLUTIONS(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.” which has a history of providing service in Thailand for more than 26 years. There was a joint event of the three companies.


As this event is about "Accounting and Financial", there are few attendees who need a production control system. But during the promotion of the "Factory-ONE GL" system to the visitors, there were discussions on various subjects, for example, some of them "plan to expand their base abroad. and is considering installing the system at the same time with the construction of a new factory" or "looking for a production control system that can be connected to the accounting system", etc. I think that these matters will be the starting point that can be developed into business negotiations in the future

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CSI Group documents distributed on the day of the event


event photo

Figure 1 : Toukei Computer's exhibition booth


Figure 2 : A large screen inside the booth


Figure 3 : On the day of the event, a brochure introducing CSI Group was also distributed.


Figure 4 : The business negotiation area has a staff of specialists on each subject providing direct explanations to the guests.


Event Information: 2nd “Accounting and Financial EXPO”

Date and time : 26 (Wed) – 28 (Fri) July 2017

Location: Toukei Computer Company Booth (23 – 38), East Hall No. 5, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Toukei Computer Company Website :

For businesses expanding into Southeast Asia and the person responsible for planning, management, accounting and information systems

Business expanding into Thai and ASEAN markets
Introducing an example of a successful system.
Expansion to Southeast Asia and a gathering of experts from all fields!!

  • Financial and Accounting System of Thailand ”Swift” (Tokei Computer Company)

  • Production control system “Factory one“ (EX company)

  • System Installer in Thailand and System Maintenance (CSI Company)

Accounting system cooperation model Production control system and local Know-How

Details of the cooperation between Toukei, EX and CSI can be found here.


A detailed solution guide can be found here.

Factory-ONE production control system

“Factory-ONE” is a product developed by EX.
Company website click here

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