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What do you get from installing IoT in manufacturing?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the linking of machines, people and data analytics systems. to get good and accurate information This leads to the ability to track, store, exchange and display useful insights. Make production processes throughout the supply chain more fully connected in the digital world. Upgrade to a smart factory Increase efficiency and reduce production costs
what do you get From the installation of IoT in production? Let's go see
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Traceability (Production Traceability) 
When the product is recalled due to quality problems There is a need for a system to trace the history of such products when, where, how and with what raw materials. to be able to identify problems quickly and accurately


Able to know the situation in real-time (monitoring) 
from real-time display of status and production results It is not only useful to caregivers. But it also allows the onsite staff to be aware of the plan and production results as well.

Recognize the results of work 
By recognizing and analyzing the results of the machine operation, it is possible to increase the production capacity of the machine or the production rate. and can calculate the production cost more accurately. The production base enables production planning and handling of urgent goods efficiently and reducing waste.

Anomalies can be discovered and corrected early with the Andon system (display alarm). 
Intercepting alarm data from machines And if an error occurs, it will send the information to the next production process. Including notifying to the front office staff and caregivers as well. This makes it possible to find and fix problems early.


Analyze and clean up big data. 
The collected big data can then be used to analyze low-quality production lines or low-performing processes. This leads to quality improvement and overall work process development. In addition, the collected data may also contain redundant or inaccurate information and therefore need to be taken. “Cleaning data (Data Cleansing)” or organizing data. to make the information more accurate

Manufacturing AI (Operation and Automation Control) 
Take advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do from “Gather information from machines” to “operate control by providing information to machines”

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