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How will factories change with 5G?

5G Era with DX Manufacturing Industry - IIoT and Smart Factory Going to the Next Level

IoT approaches are gaining interest in each industry. In particular, IT investments are advancing as "Manufacturing DX (Digital Transformation of Manufacturing) / Smart Factory" to take advantage of IoT in the manufacturing industry. A stable network is required for Smart Factory that connects in-line equipment to the network to collect Big data and analyze it using AI.

    5G is a high-speed, high-capacity, and stable network. Therefore, remote management by connecting to various bases. Thus there is a stable operation of both production robots. Unmanned delivery, etc. In the 5G era, the number of DX / Smart Factory production will increase further. Today we would like to introduce "The future of Manufacturing that 5G will change, the future of manufacturing that will change in the 5G era".

<<< How will the factory change when using 5G >>>

Reduce Lead Time / Increase Productivity / Improve Quality

Real-time and remote "factory visualization"

Reduce labor shortage problems and reduce labor costs by unmanned factories.

Control quality with highly efficient image processing.

secure network environment

<<< Manufacturing DX - Examples of utilization in each industry>>>

= = = = = 1. Smart Factory : Food and beverage manufacturer

・Temperature control using IoT devices

・Remote inventory management with video + AI analytics

・Digital digitization of craftsmen's knowledge

= = = = = 2. Smart Factory : Semiconductor / Electronic Components

・Visual AI-based flaw detection

・Predictive maintenance to prevent failure by AI and IoT

= = = = = 3. Smart Factory : Food and Beverage Industry

・Automated transport of parts with work progress

・Monitoring and traceability with video data + AI analysis

・Check tool wear status with visual data + AI analysis.

<<< Why don't you try to figure out what kind of production DX you can do? >>>

Although it is called production DX, each company can do different things. can vary depending on the manufactured product production process The level of promotion of digital transformation today and IT investment budget

CSI has rich experience in Thailand for over 30 years and mainly supports digitization for the manufacturing industry. We can plan and offer our customers how to use 5G and how to do it with DX.

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