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Interview with an RUBIX (WMS) team intern : As an intern system programmer with CSI, what do you get?


interviews conducted at CSI Company with interns and co-ops. This time, we conducted interviews with three interns from the RUBIX team. What did you learn and how did you feel about this internship?

Q1 Let's start by introducing ourselves. Which is your name? Where do you pursue your studies? Which faculty?



Fourth year in the Faculty of Information Science and Software Engineering at Burapha University




Fourth year of the Faculty of Engineering, Mahanakorn University of Technology, Computer and Artificial Intelligence branch



Fourth year of the Mahanakorn University of Technology Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Artificial Intelligence branch

Q2 Which department do you work in? What are your responsibilities?

I work on the Warehouse Management System team at Rubix. As a system programmer, I write programmes according to specifications provided by SA and do programming.

Q3 Why were you aware of CSI and interested in working there as an intern?

N'Bean : I learned it from a counsellor. It established a link with CSI because this was once the training ground for seniors.N'Dream : I was drawn to the internship since my teacher had suggested it, CSI has good advantages, and I can go there easily thanks to the BTS.


Q4 What knowledge do they impart, and what abilities have you acquired?

I have given Requirements to be divided into small tasks, which parts should be done. Give guidelines on what part to do and how to proceed by actually doing the work. If you have a problem, brothers and sisters. I'm waiting to give advice. and developed problem-solving skills Working together as a team, coding

Q5 Things that impressed me in CSI

N'Oat : The siblings are friendly, friendly, and always have a smile on their faces. I feel like working is relaxing. The Rubix team is already friendly. If you have any problems, you can ask.
N'Bean : As for work, sometimes Work From Home is a Hybrid, working in the company only 1 day per week. make it comfortable Work flexible My siblings often take me to treat them to snacks. The company has a lot of free food.

Q6 3 words for CSI

N'Oat : Good, good, good.
N'Bean : Very good.
N'Dream : Very good.

Q7 What advice would you give to people interested in interning with CSI?

N'Oat : Good society, the elders are very kind, suitable for internships. You can consult on many issues, whether it's work, study, or life experiences.
N'Bean : Got a connection. Gain new knowledge Got to try out real work. Listen to various meetings Makes you have more knowledge and understanding I learned something that was not available in the classroom. If any of you are interested, you can come and intern at CSI.
N'Dream : Young people or friends who want real work experience. Coordinate with multiple teams in order to use them in solving problems. You can come and practice at CSI.

Q8 Message from CSI

We appreciate your interest in working as a CSI intern.
We hire and teach talented IT engineers, and we are currently accepting internship applications.
An internship will provide interns with practical work experience that they cannot learn in a classroom.
Please get in touch with us. If you're interested in working with us as an intern.

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