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An IT team intern's interview : You get more out of a CSI internship than you might imagine.


Interviews with interns and co-op students at CSI Company. This time we interviewed the IT team with a total of 2 interns. What did you learn and how did you feel about this internship?

Q1 Let's start by introducing ourselves. Which is your name? Where do you pursue your studies? Which faculty?



4th year, Silpakorn University Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology



4th year, Silpakorn University Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Q2 Which department do you work in? What are your responsibilities?

N'Non : IT Support Department of AGSS Company, a subsidiary of CSI Company.
N'Bam : Your duty is to check your laptop, Set Up Laptop, Monitor Network and Server.

Q3 Why were you aware of CSI and interested in working there as an intern?

N'Non : I'm interested because the line of work I'm interning in is in line with what I studied. I would like to have direct experience at this company.
N'Bam : There was a senior who had previously interned with CSI who recommended it to me.


Q4 What knowledge do they impart, and what abilities have you acquired?

N'Non : The first week, he asked me to study and see how the system works. Who is responsible for which part? Let's go study first and see each person who is our mentor. What is he responsible for? Later, the mentor will give advice on checking computers and formatting computers when new employees arrive. I have to keep checking the computer for him. In programming what programs this department uses This department does not use any programs. When an employee leaves You have to take the device and format it, delete the data and check if the device has any problems and send the device back to GA.
N'Bam : Develop skills in both Network and Server, work as a team, socialize, and talk with users.

Q5 Things that impressed me in CSI

I was impressed by the starters. The top staff members in the human resources department are kind, have excellent teaching skills, and hardly ever have communication issues. Be cheerful and stress-free at work.

Q6 3 words for CSI

N'Non : I want a massage.
N'Bam : Relax.

Q7 What advice would you give to people interested in interning with CSI?

N'Non : For individuals looking for internships. The good news is that the majority of this organisations consists of application developers who operate in a hybrid manner and accept full responsibility for the tasks that are assigned to them. Massage services are the welfare that is supplied. Everyone is able to exit. Additionally, learn the language because the majority of Thai and Japanese individuals speak English. expanded my English language proficiency as well.

N'Bam : Tips for working, such as going to the workplace and working from home. For an intern, this is not an overly demanding workload. It was a pleasure working here. The fact that the workplace is conveniently located in the middle of the city makes it a great place to work.

Q8 Message from CSI

We appreciate your interest in working as a CSI intern.
We hire and teach talented IT engineers, and we are currently accepting internship applications.
An internship will provide interns with practical work experience that they cannot learn in a classroom.
Please get in touch with us. If you're interested in working with us as an intern.

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