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About Us - CSI Group

About C.S.I.

CSI Group is an independent Thai IT company. Founded in 1991 in Thailand, it is a service development group with business application development as the cornerstone of its business.  We are mainly involved in the development and support of business application development for Japanese customers expanding to Thailand.


   We have achieved many achievements in production control. inventory control Distribution system, etc. that combines Thailand's unique business practices and management methods. And we flexibly make use of the three languages of Japanese, English and Thai to provide a high quality system.


As an independent IT company of Thai nationality of Japan We have the longest history and are proud to be one of the largest companies. And we will be involved in increasing the corporate value of our customers with IT systems.


Digital wisdom Working Transformation Strategic AI utilization

We will use "Digital Wisdom" concept to transform people and culture to deliver Customers' greater Service Experience, under new era of "Working Transformation".​ Digital Wisdom and Working Transformation

Vision Scope

- CSI constantly strives to imagine new Values.

- CSI will develop Solutions and provide excellent Services.

- CSI will become the professional Marketing and Sales.




We will always think and act together with our customers, and strive to win the trust of our customers.

as a partner through sincere and modest responses.

Technology and Quality

We will challenge cutting -edge technology and provide high -quality, easy -to- use products and services.

In technological development, we will actively promote the standardization of products and technologies.

Respect the value of Intellectual Property

We will continue to improve our ingenuity by improving efficiency and productivity. In addition, we will pursue efficiency improvement by aiming for synergistic effects of the results of each CSI Group company.

Human beings

Always have aspirations and strive to adapt to changes in the social environment. Strive for emphasis and open communication, create a workplace that is lively and rewarding, and strive to develop the strengths

of each individual.

Open Work Style

Make people more free with Workforces Revolution.


With 30 years of software development experience in Thailand

   Proudly brought to you with Japanese Expertise in "High Quality Production Technology" and "Ultimate Service Mindset".

We are moving forward to Digital Wisdom and Working Transformation.

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Award & Recognition


Certificate No : IS 699403

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

It is one of the frameworks for improving the software development process. which aims to develop the process or providing quality service and in accordance with the business goals of the organization Currently, the CMMI standard is divided into 5 levels: 1-Initial, 2-Managed, 3-Defined, 4-Quantitatively Managed, 5-Optimizing

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) 

is a data security management system There are principles to protect important information of the organization in terms of Confidential (Secrets), Integrity (Integrity) Availability (availability), or as we call CIA, this standard can demonstrate security standards. Data integrity is paramount in the joint operations of customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Official Partner 

Microsoft Official Partner

AWS Registered Partner


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