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Traditional Thai Songkran

IT security measures that should be taken before and after Songkran

IT security measures that should be taken before and after Songkran

And, however, IT departments should be aware during holidays like this. Because they are easy targets for cybercriminals. So for IT departments and related people. We have outlined the IT security measures that should be taken before the long weekend. Please share with your colleagues. Take appropriate precautions. and have a fun and safe Songkran holiday

Reference: Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) 


for IT administrators

3 things to do before Songkran and during the holidays


Check the emergency contact system.

In case of unforeseen circumstances It is important to ensure that emergency contacts are assigned. including supplier companies and steps to cope clearly


especially in the past few years. "Supply chain attacks" happen frequently. Be sure to verify your emergency contact information. Not only within your company But also at group companies / business partners in the country and abroad as well.

  • check contact system (Is the contact current present at the time of occurrence?)

  • Confirmation of contact information (Whether or not each person's contact information has changed)

  • Confirmation of methods of contacting the group companies and overseas business partners


Review and follow the rules for connecting devices to company networks.

Connecting an infected computer or external storage media to an internal network can spread viruses within the network. If you plan to connect your device to your company network for maintenance work etc. during the long weekend. Please check and follow the Company's device connection rules in advance.

Check access controls so that only employees and those involved can connect.


Turn off devices that are not in use.

Please turn off the server and other devices that will not be used during the holidays.

4 things to do immediately after Songkran 


Check the availability of the program.

There may be cases where OS and software patches are released during consecutive holidays. It is important to verify the availability of the hotfix and apply the required hotfix.


Update the software to the current version.

PCs that are powered off during the holidays may still have old versions of security software. Update definition files and keep them up to date before sending/receiving emails or browsing websites.


Check the records on the server, etc.

Check the records To find access to suspicious devices such as servers if suspicious logs are recorded. Please take measures such as a thorough investigation as soon as possible.


security measures

Information on security measures after continuous holidays for service users Suspicious email infections tend to increase after consecutive holidays. The reason is that the security software is not updated to the latest version. or have a large collection of emails It's easily overlooked as a suspicious email. Announcing the entire company at the start of work is effective so that suspicious emails won't be opened.

for users

3 things to do before Songkran and during the holidays


Check and follow the rules for taking devices and data out of the office.

If you have no choice but to take your computer or data out of the office during the Songkran holidays. Please check the rules in advance and follow them.


Turn off idle devices 

Please turn off unused devices during the holidays.


Strict handling of devices and data taken away

Please strictly manage devices and data taken out of the office during consecutive holidays. To prevent damage such as data leakage due to virus infection, loss, theft, etc.

3 things to do immediately after Songkran


Update the software to the current version.

If you are not using the latest security software updates during the Songkran holidays. You are at high risk of contracting the virus. Update to the latest version before checking email or browsing websites.


virus check for pc etc.

There is a risk that your PC might get infected during the holidays. Feel free to use your PC after checking if it is infected or not.


Be wary of emails that look suspicious.

You probably have a lot of unread emails while you're on vacation. Some emails may contain suspicious emails trying to infect you. If you receive a suspicious email Do not open it and consult your IT department.

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Supporting security measures against cyber threats

Nowadays, cyber attacks continue to occur all over the world. Not just in Japan or Thailand. If personal information or customer data leak The compensation amount may be as high as 100 million and if the business is in a situation that cannot can continue because the system stops working, it will cause The company's own business operations are in jeopardy. Moreover Companies or organizations that are attacked by cyberattacks will lose. inevitable credibility security Cybersecurity is essential to prevent these damages.

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