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from the situation in Ukraine-Russia Did you know that cyberattacks can happen?! Please be careful!

As you know The world situation is changing drastically. In these situations, companies are also at increased risk of cyberattacks. Because if hackers want to gain access to the country's critical systems and infrastructure. They may invade from the company's IT equipment. in Japan The Japanese government has announced that Should pay attention to every company!
So what methods and methods will we use to improve our IT security…

What can I do to protect myself from cyber attacks?

1. Strengthen personal authentication

✅ Check Password : Is the login password complicated?
✅ Check Access Rights:Have you given your personal account consent, etc.?
✅ Delete unnecessary accounts:Have you deleted the accounts that are out of use?
✅ Use Multi-Factor Authentication:Is it two-step verification?

2. Verify information assets and set up the latest security installation

✅ IoT Devices: Vulnerabilities in Devices that controls your connection to the Internet are vulnerable to attacks.
✅ VPN / gateway device (device for connecting different computer networks)

3. Notify the increase of security measures within your company.

✅ Do not open suspicious email attachments.
✅ Don't click into URLs without the intention of entering them.
✅ Provide advice on internal reporting channels when there is an IT problem
✅ “If security issues are found, please contact PIC immediately.”

4. Create a search and rapid recovery of incidents (problems)

✅ Check server logs, etc.
✅ Review communication / analytics and access control again.
✅ Backup : Make backups to reduce damage. in case of data loss


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At CSI we have a team of professional IT security measures engineers. that can help you improve your company's IT security. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us!

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