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HOT NEWS!!! On December 14, 2021, Toyota Motor Corporation held a briefing on the EV strategy as "EV for everyone".

・ Plan to develop Deploy 30 electric cars
・Worldwide electric vehicle sales are approximately 3.5 million units per year (in 2021, approximately 0.8 million Toyota cars in Thailand are sold).
・Battery investment 6,000,000 million baht
・Investment in x EV (Electric Vehicle) totaling 11,000,000 million baht
▼ News details Toyota Motor Corporation
<The future expands from the growth of EVs>
・The sale of most gasoline and diesel vehicles after 2030 is prohibited in the European Union.
・It is estimated that approximately 40% of gasoline-powered automobile parts are unnecessary. (Announced by the Japanese government in 2010)
・There is an electric vehicle charging station.
・The popularity of EVs has increased.
・IoT as a "Connected Car" → Data Collection Assist Service for EVs
In Thailand, it is necessary to develop new product parts. and build a smarter factory This is especially true in the automotive-related manufacturing industry. Additionally, as cars become IoT, digitization will become more familiar.
CSI will help EVs benefit society and businesses even more.

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