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The key elements of a manufacturing IoT implementation include:

Software : CSI
Implementing and servicing a software system that is a tool for analyzing and visualizing production data supports customers in the development of readily available packages, frameworks, or on-demand system development. to match the solution to be installed and customer needs

device manufacturer
Provides stationary sensors and sequencers used in both new and existing production lines.
It also supports the survey of the machines in use to see if the data can be extracted or not as a consultant.

machine manufacturer
Support in the event that the manufacturer must take action to extract data from the machines used in the production line. This is done under the support of the customer.

machine installer
install production machines (including the control panel) based on information obtained from the machine manufacturer or from the actual site survey. and in some cases
Installation of the power distribution board and wiring may also be performed.

In addition to installing various equipment such as servers and computers in LINE Also supports consideration and installation.
Lan cables, connection points, and factory security issues

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