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RPA reduces the workload from 4 hours to 30 minutes and enables paperless, further reducing costs.

Today we have an example invoice case that helps reduce the workload from 4 hours to 30 minutes!!! And of course, Human Error will not occur.
When using RPA, we can get a good job, fast work, perfect work, great work. Don't wait. Contact CSI.
Read more about RPA.  :
or watch a clip of the seminar “Automating work with IT Tools (Operation Automation with IT Tools)”
At :
Preliminary from the original document invoice received from each vendor will be Paper, when we will use RPA should convert those Peper data into digital data first (in this example, convert to PDF) 
and original Workflow. Before using RPA, Sales admin had to pull the invoice from each vendor, which would take a lot of time up to 4 hours and risk of human error. )
After we bring RPA to use instead of Sale Admin 
RPA will be able to read PDF file and retrieve necessary data, automatically forward data to excel and finance. 
Reduces the workload from 4 hours to only 30 minutes!!! 

Paperless also helps reduce the cost of paperwork, paperwork.
Reduce burden, reduce routine tasks that have to be repetitive. And reduce the chance of errors caused by human (Human Error) as well.
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