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If you're having trouble, it takes a lot of repetitive tasks. job error Need to manage a lot of data >>> let "RPA" help.
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an IT robot that works on behalf of humans by automating manual operations. It uses a combination of Rule Engine, Image Recognition, Machine Learning and AI technologies to help make the task. more efficient
Today we have a case example of issuing a PO card for everyone to see, which can reduce the workload by up to 97%!!! and reduce Human Error! as well
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or watch a clip of the seminar “Automating work with IT Tools (Operation Automation with IT Tools)”
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RPA reduces workload by up to 97% and also reduces human error.

Previous Workflow : Before using RPA, the Sale admin had to fill in information. and various details of the PO form, which averages approximately 600 forms per month, causing it to take a long time to input data by manual.
ERP systems also sometimes make errors when managing large amounts of data.
After we used RPA to replace Sale Admin
No matter what format the PO of each company has. We can tell the conditions to the RPA robot and can automatically pull information about various positions of the PO into the ERP system by the Sale admin.
You don't have to waste time doing a lot of data over and over. You can spend time checking it instead.

Reducing workload by up to 97%!!! and reduce Human Error! Now the work is both faster and more efficient.
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