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AWS (Amazon Web Services), Business Partner of CSI, Launches "AWS IoT Fleet Wise"

At "AWS re: Invent 2021", a new service collects and transfers data to learn AI technologies for automated driving and predict the distance that EV vehicles can continue to drive.

AWS plans to launch "AWS for Automotive" that will enable the digitization of the automotive industry, and "AWS IoT Fleet Wise" as another of its services.

▼ AWS for Automotive

Collecting and converting various information stored in the vehicle will be easier than ever transfer to cloud and analyze the data

In addition, with the development of AI for automated driving and advanced driving support. This makes it possible to remotely diagnose the situation of each vehicle and prevent safety issues.

  If it can be done with a common system The processing of the large data obtained by advanced in-vehicle sensors and the difference in data formats that differ depending on the car model and manufacturer make it difficult to achieve.

  However, AWS says the process of collecting data from millions of vehicles in near real-time and transferring it to the cloud is simple and low-cost.

CSI also uses the AWS platform for many IoT-enabled projects of factories and companies. As a professional using AWS, this is very interesting. We want to support IoT in more areas.

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