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Real - Time Traceability System Ep.1

This IIoT Case Study belongs to CSI and a Japanese company that manufactures automotive parts in Thailand.
Prior to IIoT installation, PLC data is handled and written on flipchart paper. But after this company decided to install the IIoT system with CSI.
change including digitizing PLC data obtaining accurate information Paperless operation and real-time traceability What else is there? Let's go see.

More details about IoT in manufacturing :

Operation Flow
1. PLC data will be stored in SD Card. Employees will take data from SD Card to save on PC.
2. The working state of the production equipment is created by the operator as Daily report by handwriting on paper

1. Not getting the right information /Duplicate data: Why is that? because of birth Data Lack (forgotten data) and data duplication, resulting in no accurate data.
2. Can't see real-time data
3. It is difficult to keep track of productivity.
Operation Flow
1. PLC data is automatically saved to the server in real time.
2. Automatically generate daily reports from data stored on server.

1.It can automatically obtain accurate data from PLC in real time.
2. Paperless Work occurs when creating Daily Reports automatically.
3. Can be traced back

In Future
1.Automatically analyze data and generate OEE reports to use the device more efficiently. Reduce equipment operating costs And there is an automatic notification in case of damage. that need to be repaired
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