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"Digital Transformation" This term may be familiar to many people, but did you know that? when talking about this word There will always be two other words that are always associated with each other: "Digitization" and "Digitalization".

Today, let's understand the simple meaning of these 3 words.

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What is Digital Disruption

Digitization is the transformation of data from analog to digital.
  Digitization is the beginning of a business, such as changing Photos into image files, Paperless making, reduce paper usage.
Turning to collect data on the computer, the system or the automatic program used. This helps to reduce costs for the business. This is the beginning to change some behaviors that are physical to digital and more efficient
Digitalization is the use of technology to change the business model and work processes to expand opportunities.
Generating income through new channels and creating value for businesses such as Chatbot, sending e-mail, using Document & Data Management to meet the needs of faster customer service
by Digitalization That may not be an organization-wide change.
But it can happen on a per campaign or departmental basis.
Digital Transformation is that we bring Digital Technology
to be applied to all sectors of the organization So the meaning of Digital Transformation will be bigger than Digitization and Digitalization  
   which caused a change from the foundation, whether
internal work process corporate culture to create a new experience for customers Another good opportunity for doing Digital Transformation. is to find new capabilities.
with your business To increase efficiency and help keep up with the world economy and not get hit by Digital Disruption
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