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"Connected car" has emerged in the era of 5G and DX (Digital Transformation).  One of the most popular 5G / 6G "Connected cars" Connected car that can connect to the Internet like a smartphone, how will it change our lives? And how will the information obtained from Connected car be used?

Today we have to share. and let's see Are you ready? With Connected Cars + 5G technology, drive into the future.

<<< Autonomous driving has 4 Levels >>>

According to data published by Japan in 2016, the roadmap is divided into 4 stages, we have now reached Level 3, and the development of technology is continuing to reach its goal. A fully automatic driving system is coming soon for sure.

Level 1 : Automatic Emergency Braking System

Level 2 : Semi-automatic pilot (* Driving responsibility is the driver)

Level 3 : Automatic pilot (*Driving responsibility is the System)

Level 4 : Fully automatic driving system, Autonomous Driving Service

<<< New system example of "Connected car" >>>

1. Emergency Call System

When the in-vehicle sensors detect airbag activity or when the emergency call button is pressed, the GPS function will automatically contact the call center with precise location information. It is in force in Europe from 2018.

2. Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

If you lose your smartphone, you can use "Location Services" to find your current location on your smartphone. Stolen cars can be searched in the same way.

3. Failure diagnosis system & maintenance system

The system captures information about maintenance based on vehicle damage and malfunctions obtained from equipment and mileage.


4.Real-time Map system

The car's navigation system was further developed. Traffic jams and guidance information are transmitted in real-time. In addition, the mirror becomes a screen. which makes it possible to obtain more realistic map data


5.Avoiding Dangerous Driving

In-vehicle sensors and AI cameras make it possible to detect, alert and report dangerous driving. In addition, fully automated driving reduces the likelihood of accidents due to driver error.


6. The system determines insurance premiums according to the driver's risk level.

Set up auto insurance based on your driver situation, such as insurance for low-risk drivers and high-risk drivers for high-risk drivers. This will lead to a deterrent to dangerous driving.

      "Connected car" affects not only drivers, but also industries. In the manufacturing and logistics industries, deliveries are carried out by automated driving. And the functions of the dispatch management system are specific to automated driving. or even in agriculture Autonomous tractors will also be used.

Are you and your business ready? With Connected Cars + 5G technology, drive into the future.

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