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Beware Ransomware

Beware Ransomware

Ransomware malware is currently spreading to many computer users by the impact of Ransomware that encrypts documents files. on the computer and including the map drive, the user cannot open the encrypted document files. It will then leave a message demanding a ransom in exchange for the program used to unlock the files.
  However, the Anti-virus program itself cannot provide 100% protection in this respect, so we ask for the cooperation of everyone to be careful from this Ransomware according to the advice below.
1. Do not download strange files and install them on your computer.
2. Do not download and open attachments in e-mails. from unknown senders or untrusted files
For example, a file with the extension “.zip” has the document inside as “.exe” or is embedded in the format “.jpg.exe”.
3. Always check the file before launching it.
4. Do not open links from emails with subject that are exaggerated motivational messages such as
5. If you suspect that your computer is infected with a virus Remove the LAN cable. and notify your company's IT Support immediately
6. Always scan flash drive before copying data to company computer.
7. Regular backups on devices for storage outside the network (Cloud Storage, External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive)
8. If there is a file that you want to open but not sure if it is a virus or not. Notify your company's IT Support for immediate review.
If you face any problem, please contact our support service.  :

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