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Interview with an intern from the RPA team : Interning with CSI gets more than you think.


Interviews with interns and co-op students at CSI Company. This time we interviewed the VPKG team with a total of 2 interns. In this internship, how did you feel and what did you gain?

Q1 Let's start by introducing ourselves. Which is your name? Where do you pursue your studies? Which faculty?



The fourth year of the Engineering and Industrial Technology Faculty at Silpakorn University



Fourth year in the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology, Silpakorn University

Q2 Which department do you work in? What are your responsibilities?

N'Spy : is in the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) department, which is automation software.

N'Arm : In the beginning, it will be to support the older siblings. In the latter part, we will develop projects, write low code programs and use drag drop.

Q3 Why were you aware of CSI and interested in working there as an intern?

N'Spy : Friends told me. His friend's senior had arrived to work as a CSI intern.

N'Arm : I was interested in going to work as an intern at CSI after seeing that they were hiring for an RPA section. since I believe it has room for development in the future.


Q4 What knowledge do they impart, and what abilities have you acquired?

N'Spy : There is training about the Basic Program of RPA for you, and the elders have provided the requirements for you to try to do the actual work. If you have a problem, you can consult with your elders.

N'Arm : has developed work skills Learn about various automation programs of RPA such as Uipath, Power automate, WinActor and also write flows, read flows and other document work as well.

Q5 Things that impressed me in CSI

N'Spy : Easy access to the BTS and MRT for transit. pleasant environment at work. Every senior is very beautiful.

N'Arm : Being able to work from home occasionally and having flexible working hours amaze me. Benefits and a variety of foods are also provided.

Q6 3 words for CSI

N'Spy : Many projects.

N'Arm :  The air conditioner is cool.


Q7 What advice would you give to people interested in interning with CSI?

N'Spy : For friends and youth who are interested in working with CSI, you will definitely get intense real-world work experience.

N'Arm : And will gain knowledge that is not available in the classroom. Invite brothers and sisters to come and intern at CSI.

Q8 Message from CSI

We appreciate your interest in working as a CSI intern.

We hire and teach talented IT engineers, and we are currently accepting internship applications.

An internship will provide interns with practical work experience that they cannot learn in a classroom.

Please get in touch with us. If you're interested in working with us as an intern.

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Manufacturing Solution

CSI provides manufacturing customers with innovative IT solutions.

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