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CSI Internship Interview (IMFG Team) : You get more from a CSI internship than you might imagine.


interviews conducted at CSI Company with interns and co-ops. This time, we conducted interviews with 5 interns from the IMFG team. What did they learn and how did they feel about this internship?

Q1 Let's start by introducing ourselves. Which is your name?
Where do you pursue your studies? Which faculty?



Fourth-year data science major at Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Science



Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Thai Japan University of Technology



Thai Japan University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering branch



Data Science Inter Faculty, Thai Japan University of Technology



Thai-Japanese technology is a major in data science at the Faculty of Science, Inter Faculty Department of Data Science.

Q2 Which department do you work in? What are your responsibilities?

N'Phat : works in the Innovation Manufacturing (IMFG) division and is in charge of system programming for the creation of web applications.

N'Zone : The web application is the portion that we handle, and the specifics of the job content must be completed in accordance with the System Analysis that gathered the customer's needs.

N'Kan : C# Java script is the language utilised. Every squad has a different language utilised.

Q3 Why were you aware of CSI and interested in working there as an intern?

N’Don : I knew because CSI had opened a booth and I already interested in working in Data, so came to study through the brochures. As for the interest in interning with CSI, it is because CSI cares about the interns' work and provides high compensation.

N’Best : I heard about the company CSI from my advisor. The next month, we met at the Job Fair booth of the Thai Japan Institute. Look at the details of the internship and feel that it matches your field of study. And still interested in Data Analysis and programming to create websites. So I came to try out an internship at CSI.

N’Phat : We also know that CSI Company is a company that provides both software and hardware services, which is a complete management system. Makes me more interested


Q4 What knowledge do they impart, and what abilities have you acquired?

They assign me a task to accomplish initially on my own, after which I study independently. Should I attempt it and fail or run into trouble. If I ask them, they will assist me in resolving this issue.

What happens if there is an issue, such as the code malfunctioning? He will offer ideas to assist us comprehend the significance of those issues if I ask.

What abilities have you acquired? developed problem-solving abilities that allow them to handle stress and come up with solutions when there are issues at work. also learned things outside of the classroom as well, such how to use Python Server on the Linux system.

Q5 Things that impressed me in CSI

N'Don: The welcoming, warm, and friendly work environment is impressive. In addition, the restaurant offers excellent service, the water and coffee are free, and there is a restaurant.

N'Best : The hybrid work atmosphere is appealing to me. It's not required of you to visit the office each day. Adaptable working hours Concentrate on striving to accomplish the goals as stated.

Q6 3 words for CSI

N’Zone : A person who is not stressed.

N’Kan : But work is stressful.

N’Don : Free drinks.

N’Phat : The air conditioner is very cold.

N’Best : Very warm.

Q7 What advice would you give to people interested in interning with CSI?

N'Zone : for the environment at work You can seek for advice and there won't be any interpersonal conflicts because everyone is amicable. There's seriousness when work is due. On the other hand, they coexist as a cordial family outside of work.

N'Don : Free coffee and good compensation.

N'Phat : CSI Company is a comprehensive company, for people who are interested. There are services for both hardware and software that ought to satisfy your requirements. Additionally, you guys will get to see actual work.

Q8 Message from CSI

We appreciate your interest in working as an intern at We train competent IT engineers at CSI, and we're currently taking internship applications to help develop these engineers. A practical job experience that cannot be obtained in a classroom is provided to interns.

Please get in touch with us. If you're interested in working with us as an intern.

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