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Interview with FLEX team intern : Interning with CSI gets more than you think.


interviews conducted at CSI Company with interns and co-ops. This time, we conducted interviews with three interns from the FLEX team.
What did you learn and how did you feel about this internship?

Q1 Let's start by introducing ourselves. Which is your name? Where do you pursue your studies? Which faculty?



Fourth year at the Burapha University Faculty of Information Science



Fourth year at the Burapha University Faculty of Information Science



Mahanakorn University Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Artificial Intelligence Branch

Q2 Which department do you work in? What are your responsibilities?

N'Eak : In the master section's web app section, automate testing.
N'Nai : It is the Automatic testing of the Window app and the design of Receive Invoice based on the needs of the customer.
N'Jang : I work in the department of FLEX. In CSI's products, FLEX is the first MRP system.

Q3 Why were you aware of CSI and interested in working there as an intern?

N'Eak : Seniors from the previous year gathered to present a collaborative event. I learned about CSI and became interested in working there as an intern.
N'Nai : Seniors that I know of have been interning since their first year of college. They have informed and encouraged one another.
N'Jang : An instructor that the faculty has recommended.


Q4 What knowledge do they impart, and what abilities have you acquired?

Them let me try it first and provided me the prerequisites. I can ask them to assist me in solving the issue if I having trouble with it or can't handle it. additionally enhanced C#, Robot Framework, and Angular skills.

Q5 Things that impressed me in CSI

N'Eak : You don't have to pay to come work at the company because work from home.
N'Nai : The company's seniors teaches in an approachable manner.
N'Jang : The company's seniors are really amiable, and the HR seniors frequently provide refreshments.

Q6 3 words for CSI

N'Ek : Very fun.
N'Nai : They are cute.
N'Jang : Please give me a blanket.

Q7 What advice would you give to people interested in interning with CSI?

N'Eak : If you want to enjoy your job and gain valuable work experience. Since there isn't much labour involved, CSI is a viable choice.
N'Nai : The business is situated adjacent to Saladaeng BTS. The commute to work is convenient.
N'Jang : A number of food stands are present. We eat and live well.

Q8 Message from CSI

We appreciate your interest in working as a CSI intern.
We hire and teach talented IT engineers, and we are currently accepting internship applications.
An internship will provide interns with practical work experience that they cannot learn in a classroom.
Please get in touch with us. If you're interested in working with us as an intern.

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