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Why use WMS ?

(Warehouse Management System)

3 advantages of using WMS

WMS – Merit 1 : Business Improvement

Do your current work more efficiently. And you can make business decisions from real-time data. If you improve your business flow, you will be trusted by your customers.


Merit - Can know the inventory in real time

The inventory status is automatically updated on the system from the scan data at the time of Receiving/Put-Away, etc.. You can know the warehouse in real-time and check the current inventory status with the system from anywhere without going to the warehouse.


Merit  - Work time speeds up

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the warehouse is searching for things when picking, “Where they are?“. If you use WMS, you can pick while checking the location. Therefore, the picking time will be shorter. In addition, picking instructions are also given according to the stock status. So, such waste is eliminated. "I went to the location but it was out of stock.“, "It was an expired inventory."


WMS – Merit 2 : Reduce mistakes

A common problem in warehouses is mistakes due to "human error". In particular, "wrong shipment" causes inconvenience to customers. If WMS can reduce mistakes, corporate value will increase.


Merit - Improved inventory accuracy

Receiving / Put-Away is recorded and managed in real time. Inventory accuracy (how many inventory is in the warehouse) is improved. In addition, inventory time can be reduced. This is because problems such as
"the numbers do not match" are solved.


Merit - Prevention of erroneous shipment

Main causes of erroneous shipment

- Missing shipping instructions : Missing when posting from order information to shipping instructions

- Picking mistakes : Picking different items, miscounting

- Shipping mistakes : Missing shipments, incorrect slips

WMS helps reduce erroneous shipment

- Linkage of order information and WMS : Import order information into WMS by System linkage / file import, etc., and automate shipping instructions

- Picking instruction : Error notification when picking is wrong

- Shipping error : The shipping record is registered immediately and linked to the shipping schedule.


WMS – Merit 3 : Reduce cost

Many companies have the goal of "cost reduction" in using the system. WMS also helps reduce logistics costs.


If you can be efficient with WMS, you will be freed from hard work and will be easier. And the company can try to new business opportunities. And if you don't make mistakes, you can reduce your error response time.

Merit - Reduces hard work


If you know the stock in the warehouse, you can have the right stock quantity. You don’t need worry for excess inventory. This will give you more space in the warehouse storage. It can also be replenished before out of stock. You will be less worried about out of items. Maintaining proper inventory has the advantage of reducing the cost of purchasing more inventory than necessary and eliminating the loss lost due to shortages.

Merit - Stock Inventory matches


Some WMS has a suggestion function that keeps track of the storage status in the warehouse and automatically notifies you of empty shelves. You can manage the location smoothly. Also, if it supports free location, you can freely change the layout depending on the stock status. The space in the warehouse can be used more effectively, leading to a reduction in storage costs.

Merit - Location optimization


Merit and Demerit of using a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – ข้อดี & ข้อเสีย


1. Business improvement

- Can know the inventory in

real time

- Speed up

2. Reduce mistakes

- Improved inventory accuracy


- Prevention of erroneous shipment

3. Reduce cost

- Reduces hard work

- Stock Inventory matches

- Location optimization


Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Merit & Demerit


Think before choosing a WMS system.


"Rubix" developed by CSI  will complement.
your needs


Rubix System Installation Example – Pigeon Industry (Thailand)


WMS-Rubix : Examples of installation work and
past support


Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Merit & Demerit

Do you want to use "Warehouse Management System (WMS)"? Even now, many companies still manage their warehouses using paper and manuals. However, there are benefits to using WMS. You can expect cost-effectiveness such as efficiency improvement and cost reduction. But on the other hand, you should also consider about such as the risk of failure and running costs.

Based on our many experience in developing and implementation WMS, we’ll tell the merit and demerit of WMS implementation.


things to consider

1. Work expenses

- Server usage fee

  and system

2. Workload at the time of execution

- determination of needs

- manage data to prepare      bad bad_cc781905-5cde-3194-MS5bb5c56-MS for WDB56-MS systems.

- User Acceptance Test (UAT)    / Parallel Run

Let’s think about before choosing a WMS


WMS – Let‘s think 1 : Risk of implementation failure

There are various types of WMS depending on the scale, target, and developer. If you select the WMS that not suits your company, you may not be able to obtain the expected benefits of using. So to avoid failure, clarify the purpose of the using and select the WMS that suits your purpose.

Loss of investment costs

WMS is not a cheap purchase. If the implementation fails, the investment cost will be wasted. However, even if you continue to use a system that is not suitable for your company, data integrity and operation flow will become complicated, and wasteful work may increase.

WMS – Let‘s think 2 : Running cost

Server & System usage fee

When using WMS, running costs will be incurred during the period of use, such as server (on-premises / cloud) management costs, usage fees, and system license costs, etc.. When selecting a WMS, calculate the running cost per month / year, and start using it after you are understood with the cost.


Requirements decision

From among many WMS, you make a system selection such as which WMS is suitable for your company. If you use the package system, it is important to compare the difference with the current operation in "Fit & Gap (Fit & Gap) Analysis".It is recommended to consider system requirements in cooperation with members who are familiar with actual business operations and members who can think about business improvement.

WMS – Let‘s think 3 : Work load at the time of implementation

When you start using WMS, there are a many things to do, such as WMS choosing, getting ready to start using WMS, and getting users accustomed to WMS. Let’s create a WMS project, and reduce the daily work of project members. You can proceed with the using of WMS more smoothly.

User Acceptance Test (UAT) / Parallel Run

When you're ready, it's time to do a system acceptance test. Make sure that the system works as expected, or that it works as if it were an actual operation. Until the acceptance test is completed, it may be a double work of operation as a test and actual operation.

Create the data for WMS

Before you can start using WMS, you need to register your existing data with the system. Organize the data to be registered in the new system, such as converting handwritten information on paper into data and integrating Excel files that are managed separately.

ลองคิดก่อนจะเลือกใช้ระบบ WMS

"Rubix" developed by CSI will fulfill your needs.

In this way, if you can make good use of WMS, there are various Merits. However, you may be disappointed if you choose WMS without knowing the Demerit.

CSI, which has provided development and support for the implementation of WMS, provides support so that customers can using it most efficiently, based on our past many experiences.

"Rubix" is a WMS designed to give benefits to customers in a wide range of industries.

Rubix System Installation Example – Pigeon Industry (Thailand)


1.Working status and problems before using rubix

2. Factors in deciding to choose rubix

3. Changes in the warehouse after using the system

4.About the service of CSI and Rubix 


See more WMS (rubix) Case Study >>


warehouse management system

(Warehouse Management System)

Rubix ตัวอย่างการติดตั้งระบบ – Pigeon Industry (Thailand)
"Rubix" ซึ่งพัฒนาโดย CSI จะช่วยเติมเต็มความต้องการของคุณ
WMS-Rubix : ตัวอย่างงานติดตั้งและซัพพอร์ตที่ผ่านมา

WMS-Rubix : Examples of past installation and support


Logistics & Trading

  • Japanese company - A (Logistics / Rayong)

  • Japanese Company - B (Trading / Thailand)

  • Japanese Company - E (Trading / Jakarta)

  • Japanese Company - F (Trading / Thailand)

manufacturing business

  • Japanese company - C (Manufacturing / Chonburi)

  • Japanese Company - D  (Manufacturing / Chonburi)

  • Japanese Company - G (Manufacturing / China)

  • Japanese company - H (Manufacturing / Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)

  • Japanese Company - I (Manufacturing Business/Pathum Thani)

  • Japanese Company - J (Manufacturing/Bangplee)

  • Thai Company - A (Manufacturing Business/Pathum Thani)


For more information about the WMS system

The CSI, who has extensive experience in developing and implementing WMS, will tell you the key aspects of WMS implementation.

Successful, you will understand WMS better and will add value to your business!

The key to success in choosing a WMS system

Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

WMS คืออะไร


ทำไมต้อง WMS?


ประเภทของ WMS

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ควรเลือก WMS อย่างไร


ขั้นตอนการเลือก WMS

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