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Increase the efficiency of warehouses in Thailand by applying Label Printing to warehouse management systems.

Applying Label Printing or Sticker Printer to Warehouse Management System will improve work efficiencyreduce mistakes and improves the accuracy of inventory inspections. In this article, we will introduce a practical example of Label Thailand


Warehouse Management System x

Label Print

(Product Manager, warehouse management system (Rubix)

Panich Thaiprasansub (Ton))


Advantages of applying Label Printing to the warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is

Warehouse management system (WMS: Warehouse Management System) is to manage the changes of the warehouse.

Handling the import and export of goods Including a place to store products as well It also supports warehouse operations within the preparation of other documents.

Related If the warehouse management system has been installed It will increase work efficiency and can reduce costs as well.

Warehouse management system developed in Thailand (Rubix)

“rubix” is a warehouse control and management solution developed based on the CSI framework. We have developed a new system based on our knowledge of Warehouse Management System (WMS). various which in addition to installing the standard template can also be developed to meet the needs of customers

Each person or to develop an interface to connect to other programs as well, also supports On premises and On cloud use, supports language Supports multiple locations including various types of businesses. One of the advantages of installing a warehouse management system is Acknowledging the situation of inventory

Accurate and Real-Time Sensing

Warehouse Management System (Rubix)

An example of using the warehouse management system (Rubix) and the feeling of using it from customers.


Choosing a Label Printer to use with the warehouse management system

Label Printer is a device used to print stickers directly. Choosing the right printer for work (Either objective or

Location) will make the work more efficient. Especially warehouses that have a lot of products in stock may have both types of printers.

portable and desktop type by choosing to use according to convenience

Printer type : Desktop type


desktop type sticker printer relatively large

For use in the office



  • Print stickers quickly and in large numbers.

  • The network is stable.



  • Requires quite a wide area to place.

  • cannot be printed on the spot that will be used immediately

Printer Type : Portable Type

Portable sticker printer, small size, can be worn on the waist or carried.You can go to different spots and print stickers where you can use them.



  • Easy to carry, if using stickers in any area can be printedStickers can be pasted on that spot immediately 



  • Have to charge the battery often.

  • The printer has a limited number of stickers. cannot printa lot of stickersat once

Example of sticker usage of warehouse management system (Rubix)

can customize and design stickers

Rubix has a wide range of uses. Therefore, stickers can be designed to suit each type of use or can be designed by yourself.

on demand

Example of screen operation when printing stickers

Using Rubix's pick-up function, follow the instructions shown onscreen and will get the product sticker out

Solutions for warehouse management or logistics industry

Know more about Warehouse Management System (Rubix)

<Place, country of use>

  • Thailand(Chonburi, Rayong, Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani, Bangplee etc.)

  • China

  • Indonesia



<Establish systems in various industries>

  • manufacturing industry

  • logistics industry

  • warehouse business

  • Trading


Other solutions related to the logistics industry


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