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What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) คืออะไร?

RPA(Robotic Process Automation) is an office IT robot that uses a combination of Rule Engine, Image Recognition, Machine Learning and AI technologies to automate and increase efficiency. Once the RPA system is installed, office IT robots can run on computers instead of humans.

RPA is the leading IT technology. RPA is becoming popular in Japan and used in various industries. which expected RPA to be a tool to create “Revolution of the way of working” and “office improvement” can be realized.

“Reducing repetitive tasks RPA is expected to produce good results in Thailand where Human Wave Tactics are often used as well. RPA can be considered. It is the solution of the modern world ever.

What does RPA do?

Automation using RPA

การทำงานแบบอัตโนมัติโดยใช้ RPA

1. Copy or fill in an existing system or in Excel, etc.

2. Analyze, check, calculate data

3. Select the desired data from a large number of files. customize information and send the result to the desired point

4. Organize daily reports in separate folders.

Connect between multiple systems automated systems, etc.

Thailand Usage Model 1 – Accounting ~ Applies to AS/400 Excel and SAP ~


Usage model in Thailand 2 – On-site work in the production line ~ Apply to other programs Excel and printer ~


demo video

Working diagram of the RPA tool “Office Robot”

movie_cap (1).png

Sending emails automatically using RPA

Let's try to use RPA to automatically fill in HR information.

Results from the installation of RPA that has been adapted to Thailand.

ผลลัพธ์จากการติดตั้ง RPA ที่ปรับให้เข้ากับประเทศไทยแล้ว

The workflow that RPA can help with is more efficient.


Jobs that take a lot of time to work

  • Requires multiple people to check the same data multiple times ⇒ By using RPA, automatic checks can be completed quickly.

  • Documents must be printed out to read the data check ⇒ If using RPA, it will allow to check the data correctly (Paperless).


  Tasks that need to be repeated frequently

  • Reports that need to be generated at intervals such as daily, monthly ⇒ If using RPA, reports can be automatically generated in the specified format.

  • Must fill in information repeatedly into multiple systems system or many The file is redundant ⇒ If using RPA, it can be copied or filled automatically without error.

Advantages of installing RPA in Thailand


Improved functionality in 3 parts.

Increase accuracy in work details
  • Reduce human error by automating work processes

  • Improved functionality so that it doesn't crash. by changing routine tasks to be performed automatically


get more skilled workers
  • Reduce the general workload of highly competent employees. in order to do more work that produces real results or productivity

  • Increase motivation to work by reducing the number of simple tasks to reduce turnover rates.


reduce wastage
  • Review the waste in the current workflow to install RPA to improve work efficiency.

  • Reduce costs and shorten wasted time by increasing work efficiency.

  • Converts to paperless operation to reduce wasted work caused by printing documents.


No. 1: The purpose of installing RPA is to reduce personnel costs?

2nd time : Advantages of bringing RPA into Thailand

About RPA Tools

เกี่ยวกับ RPA Tools

“Office Robot (Japanese name: WinActor)” to help streamline office workflows is an RPA solution developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation in Japan based on the technology of Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.

RPA Tools – WinActor

WinActor Features

Office Robot_EN.png
  • Can run all applications automatically.

  • The workflow can be easily written as a “Scenario”.

  • The installation can be started in small increments starting from a single computer.




UiPath is an RPA system developed by an American company called UiPath, headquartered in New York City, USA. Currently, more than 1,000 companies in Japan are using this system for a variety of purposes.

UiPath Features

  • The system is very easy to use, just grab, drag-drop the devices that are already available.

  • It has the credibility of being a popular tool in government agencies around the world.

  • highly flexible can be adapted according to the size of the company


CSI is the official reseller of the UiPath system. which has entered into a partnership agreement with UiPath Company
We have been certified by UiPath that we have engineers who have sufficient knowledge of the functions and technology of UiPath products to be able to serve our customers. and also has a contract for being a sales representative and manage the UiPath solution as well.

RPA related information

ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้อง RPA

Seminars and exhibitions

Event launch :『Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017』(September 2017)


1st RPA Seminar ~ Work Process Improvement financial accounting with RPA technology





Advantages of Installing RPA by a CSI Development Company

ข้อดีของการติดตั้ง RPA โดยบริษัทพัฒนาระบบ C.S.I.

Ready to provide in-depth support

Not only creating a Help Desk in Thailand. But we can also manage ScenarioWorks from start to finish. This makes it possible to support long-term process changes.

Has a long history of development and installation of the system

As we are an IT company specializing in system development and installation in Thailand, it provides the necessary Know-How to implement an RPA system on “how to optimize performance” as well.

Can support both Thai, English and Japanese

We support installation and after-sales service for both Japanese executives and Thai staff who use this tool regularly regardless of language. Therefore, it can help to share information and work intentions smoothly. Enables personnel at all levels to use RPA with confidence.

ทำความรู้จัก RPA ฉบับการ์ตูน

What is RPA?? Let's get to know the cartoon version of RPA.

It's really a lot of work!
Screen Shot 2564-06-27 at 19.39.01.png

It's really a lot of work… both preparing meeting documents. both sales report Why can't this be in time?

Can't cry anymore!

Data management tasks in multiple Excel files or routine tasks that need to be repeated every day. They are often not improved or made more efficient. It has become a stagnant and growing task for managers every day.

There are so many supervisors… Is there any way to help the boss?

Screen Shot 2564-06-27 at 19.39.10.png

Is there any way to help the boss? Better look it up on the internet.


RPA is a software system capable of handling large amounts of data.
Routine tasks that need to be repeated instead of using manual labor automatically

RPA is a technology that reduces the process and time of work.
Just one click and you're done. It's like having 10 assistants!

such as issuing tax invoices, filling in Excel, sending E-mail automatically

Advantages of RPAs


Reduce burden, reduce routine tasks that have to be repetitive.

time management This makes it possible to complete repetitive documents faster. So employees can have time to do other, more important tasks. Originally, the task a manager should actually do would not be a huge pile of work that did't require skill but had to be repeated every day. Such as data processing or difficult Excel processing, but the task of “managing” the team. Adopting RPA will help relieve the burden of repetitive routine tasks To have time to focus on management tasks. This is the management work that will lead to increasing profits for the company.


Reduce burden, reduce routine tasks that have to be repetitive.

Reduce the chance of human error (Human Error)

By being able to reduce the problem of data inconsistencies caused by human error as it once was, “wastes” such as time spent investigating the cause can also be reduced.

minimizing human error It's not just about minimizing errors. but also to reduce the time it takes to check if there are any errors. The time it takes to detect the cause and the time it takes to correct the error.



Reduce costs in various areas such as reducing the use of paper in the workplace.

Converts to paperless operation to reduce wasted work caused by printing documents.

It's interesting!

Just find information and present it to the meeting to bring RPA into use better.

After installing RPA
Screen Shot 2564-06-27 at 19.59.19.png

Use RPA to help. Just a few clicks and you're done.
There's still a lot of time left Hurry up and complete other tasks.

Thank you for recommending RPA.

you are welcome

Screen Shot 2564-06-27 at 19.39.10.png
RPA makes work a lot easier.

RPA is really good. Makes work a lot easier. It's really cheap to bring it into the company.

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