Manufacturing IoT – What to know first

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What can we achieve by implementing manufacturing IoT?

Is it about time to start thinking manufacturing IoT in Thailand?

  1. How about starting manufacturing IoT in Thailand?
  2. What can we achieve by implementing manufacturing IoT?
  3. Example achievement of implementation/support by CSI
CSI Group
CSI Group

What to know first before implementing manufacturing IoT

Voice of Concern

 In case of the person in charge for factory

  • I don’t know where can I call out for support, and where to begin.
  • I don’t know at all about IT. Can the equipment itself send the data?
  • Don’t you think the investment amount will increase again due to FA?

 In case of the person in charge for IT department

  • I have no idea about the details of equipments.
  • Where we should get the data from? If using barcode, I know but…
  • It needs to cooperate with other departments, but production is number 1.
Where to begin?

Companies Appearing in Manufacturing IoT Implementation and Roles

 Software : CSI

Provide and install software system as a tool after visualize and analyzing manufacturing data.
Support the customer by using a commercial off-the-shelf package, framework, scratch development to suit the customer’s requirements and solution for implementation.

 Machine maker

Provide stationary sensor/sequencer to use in the new/existing line.
Also support a survey if it can get data from the using equipment or not, in a consultant position.

 Equipment maker

Support the customer in case it needs any operational support from maker when getting data from the using equipment in the new/existing line.

 Equipment installation

Install manufacturing equipment (including control panel) based on the on-site survey or information from a manufacturing equipment maker. Also perform the construction of panel board and electrical wiring depending on the situation.


Besides the installation of server devices and other devices such as PC in line, support installation by considering security, access point and LAN wiring in the factory.

Flow until Start of Manufacturing IoT Implementation Project

Step 1 – Consulting

Begin by hearing the customer’s requirements and introduce the achievement results and examples according to the customer’s needs.

Step 2 – On-site checking (several times)

Make an investigation together with the equipment related maker about network environment, operational status of device and equipment being used by the customer.

Then proceed with the proposal of feasible solution after strongly checking the customer’s current situation.

Step 3 – Explanation of draft proposal

Submit and explain a draft proposal with an easy-to-understand image after implementation based on the customer’s needs and situation.

“Visualize” the solution contents and how to proceed the project, then share the final vision with the concerned persons after having many discussions.

Step 4 – Internal adjustment by customer

The customer internally set up a project team for implementation and clarify roles and responsibilities.

(We can support by giving some advice about what to do first in your company, so please feel free to contact us.)

Step 5 – Project start

Finally IoT implementation project starts after the contract has been signed.

Head toward the goal point based on the customer’s requirements one by one under the steady operation and management.

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