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If you have any questions, requirements about “RPA (Robotic Process Automation)”, please feel free to make an inquiry below.

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  • Please tell me more about RPA
  • Please show me a demonstration of RPA
  • Please give me an estimation for RPA implementation
  • Request to hold and attend a seminar about RPA
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  • Want to use the RPA as soon as possible
  • Considering to use the RPA
  • Still don’t know the RPA, want to know the basics

If there is any operation or division that you want to try using RPA, please kindly let us know. (It is suitable for task with many repetitions, task with a lot of working time, etc.)

If you have any other questions, requirements, etc., please kindly let us know.

Our RPA person in charge will contact you back within 3 business days after checking your inquiry information.