Implementation Example

We would like to introduce our achievement in business application development of C.S.I. as follows.

Achievement in integrated business application development

New Application System (NAS)

System for support various business purposes from receiving application form by dealer, end user contract management, to process of payment management in order to improve end to end operation efficiency.


Yanmar Capital (Thailand) (hereinafter referred to as YCT) was established in Thailand in 2009 as a company selling agricultural/construction machines on Hire-Purchase business.

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Strengthen Production Planning work by Advanced Planning System

Production Scheduling System “Asprova” – M company

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Implementation example – Production Scheduling System Asprova

Improvement of accuracy and operation process of inventory system by “Rubix” warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System “Rubix” – Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the company manufacturing maternity and baby care products by machine which is established since 1996; having headquarter in Japan and manufacturing base in Thailand.

Click here for more details:Implementation example – rubix

Implementation example – Warehouse Management System rubix


In addition, we have many achievement results focusing on customers. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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