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Implementation example – Warehouse Management System rubix

Improvement of accuracy and operation process of inventory system by “Rubix” warehouse management system

Customer Profile


Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the company manufacturing maternity and baby care products by machine which is established since 1996; having headquarter in Japan and manufacturing base in Thailand. Currently, the manufacturing system is managed by Thai. The company’s products are produced for not only export to Japan, but also for domestic sale due to their popularity and reliability.



Mr. Santhad Vuthithammee(ซ้ายจากภาพ)

C. S. I. Groups
COO (Chief Operations Officer)
Mr. Siriset Nichakum(ขวาจากภาพ)



  1. Director : Mr. Santhad Vuthithammee
  2. IT Manager : Mr. Nopporn Thawong
  3. Warehouse Manager : Mr. Yothin Kaeosriwong

Work operations and problems before implementing warehouse management system

Previously we found many problems during stocktaking process such as unmatched quantity, operation delay, etc. We didn’t have standard operating procedure for warehouse management, so most operations such as item storing and picking-up mainly depended on personal memory and experience. When switching the person in charge, a new operator takes a lot of time to find and pick up the right items, and it caused delay in shipment. Moreover, at that time, the company was constructing a new warehouse, and we wanted to manage all operations in warehouse in an orderly and efficient way, so we decided to implement a warehouse management system.

Why choose Rubix?

We chose Rubix because of its flexible and user-friendly interface. Actually before using Rubix, we have used the system of 3rd party which integrated with Accpac (Financial system), but their interface is inflexible and hard to use, so we decided to look for a new interface which is easy to understand, user friendly and can meet our needs including support for data linkage because our company uses ERP and needs to access to database in Data Center. At that time, we found Rubix.

Changes after system implementation

IT Manager:Mr. Nopporn Thawong

At the beginning, we took around 6 months to make our staffs understand and adapt to the system. After that, everything gradually improved, it has become clear that the system can help work easier and more efficient. Currently our staffs became familiar with the new working environment. After implementing the system, stocktaking is performed monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. (quarterly and semi-annual stocktaking is conducted by auditor). Until now, since the establishment of factory, we have always found many problems during stock-taking process such as unmatched quantity, mistake in operation, operation delay (extend over a day). However, after implementing Rubix, we can finish stocktaking process within 4 hours and can perform cycle count that helps stocktaking process easier and more reliable. Then, when the auditor performed the audit, the stocktaking result is accurate and it passed the audit smoothly.

About service of C.S.I. and rubix

It is a nice service. Originally last year, some of our staffs didn’t understand and have incorrectly used the system. At that time, C.S.I. helped to solve the problems and gave training including teached our staffs to be able to solve primary problems by themselves. With the support from C.S.I. and the increasing experiences of our staffs, the number of MA hours has gradually decreased. Currently all the previous problems has been solved, and the operation is quite smooth. Moreover, during go-live period, C.S.I. has supported us even in out-of-office hours, so we would like to thank you for a very good service which touches the customer’s heart.

Message from C.S.I. Management

First of all, I would like to thank you for the good collaboration from Pigeon. At the beginning, even there is some difficulty in working between both sides; both CSI and Pigeon team have Thank you to all concerned members. This project can be successful due to not only the product itself, but also the good implementation team including the collaborative and supportive customer. Thank you once again for the full support from Pigeon. All our hard work and good collaboration is reflected in the accomplishment of this project, the result is win-win for both customer side and our side.

COO (Chief Operations Officer) Mr. Siriset Nichakum

What is “rubix” ?

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