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Production Control System “Factory-ONE”
Installation Example – Company C Production Control System

The experience gained from the difficulty when installing the system – what would you like to think about when installing a production control system both in Thailand and abroad?


“Factory-ONE GL” Japanese standard production control system

Company C, which cooperated in this interview, is a company established in an industrial estate in western Thailand in 2011. The factory in Thailand that manufactures and distributes electronic components is It can be considered that the production capacity is among the top. Among the affiliates at once One special feature is The production model differs from the parent company in Japan in that it is not made to order. (Make-to-Order), but it is a production to wait for sale. (Make-to-Stock)

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

Company C is the second company in Thailand to install the system. “Factory-ONE”

However, the installation took longer than originally planned. and has been using the real system since March 2016. In addition, in November 2019 at the time of this interview There is a limited scope of functionality compared to the original plan.

We asked how the system is currently being used.

Difficulty in implementing production control systems in Thailand

After the introduction of Factory-ONE, the in-house Shipment Instruction and Invoice shipments, which had been through a lot of manual work errors, became completely automated and error-free. go

The most usable within our company is our invoice and packing list systems. It is to fill in the sales information correctly into the system in order to get those information out of the Invoice.

Stock Control Issues

In operations under the BOI (Board of Investment of Thailand) rights, the movement of stock between raw materials and finished goods and the differences between stocks are strictly controlled. a lot

side of stock itself Because originally there was no control system along with checking the movement of stock within the production process. Therefore, the initial objective of the system installation is to clearly see the movement of stock in each production process. This is also the highest problem. So I think that in the future we have to do this part as well. Although it may have to be done step by step.

The system is expected to be implemented by creating rules of action.

Since the company originally had a highly independent production control system. This makes it difficult to define work rules. As a result, the present situation is difficult to adapt the work process to the packaged programmable production control system. Standardization does not yet cover the work. and it cannot be crystallized as a practical rule.

Personally, I think that if you define how to work within the company and create rules. along with the process of updating the packaged program system It should be able to use those functions in small increments.

in recent years Production planning is becoming more standardized. If the site can work properly In the future it should be possible to control stocks or check stocks within the production process.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

At first glance, “Denno Koujou (Factory-ONE)” thought the screen was easy to understand due to its user-friendly interface.

For example, the master entry page has separate detailed fields. and understanding the principles by which they link to different parts of the program is difficult. But if you only look at teaching Thai employees how to fill out the master information I felt that it was a simple thing that could be taught without difficulty.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

Set up a project implementation team separate from day-to-day workers.

If starting a project with the responsible person doing their usual daily work, it will certainly make the project members' work harder. especially employees in the production department

The point to consider is that at that time, people and time should be allocated to the project by adjusting the daily workload first.

The system installation project in this time went well because the workload of the responsible person was reduced from the beginning of the installation. This allows time to scrutinize thoughts and analyze information.

In addition, when organizing people into the project There are many project members who, despite their understanding of the work they are doing. But I don't know the details of other production departments. making it usually necessary to organize people into teams In addition, I think the team allocation is not very good, making the summary of the work process not flowing smoothly.

Assign a person who understands the flow of work and the production process to be a leader.

Especially in setting up the Leader of the team from Thai employees. Should find someone who understands the flow of work and the production process. as well as adjusting the workload to be independent from the normal daily tasks before being set as Leader

Check and order work from top to bottom as an executive.

The workload is especially heavy when the project is launched and Thai employees often feel that they don't want to experience new things. Therefore, as a manager, we have to constantly monitor the situation and there are cases where we need to push from the top down.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

Taking into account the satisfaction of local employees

Think of a program that allows employees to work without making decisions, such as automatically displaying numeric values after a certain level has been set. should be more satisfied

Make operations and program packages consistent.

think before installing the system Careful consideration is necessary to how the current operations should be adapted to the system. Or should the operation change or not?

It is also necessary to consider that Can users really use it like this? Or is it really a good idea to automate a process like displaying numbers without the user having to think about it? Because sometimes it will keep the user from noticing the error that occurs.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

The reason for choosing CSI is because it expects that "It will be able to do without fail"

Due to the bad experience from the implementation of the system installation project at the factory in other countries is not smooth. So look for a service provider who can talk to exchange and perform uninterrupted support. and can work together for a long time

From the very first presentation stage, CSI can tell that "If it's like this it can be done" or "If it's going to be quite difficult", it makes sense that if it's a CSI, it can be done flawlessly.

from hearing various stories that have been discussed until now The important thing is to be able to hear concrete job offers for what you want to do.

In addition, despite the difficulties at the beginning of the project, CSI did not give up and helped support its implementation. So I think it's the right thing to entrust.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

Linking information between systems and image information including the company

When operating as a whole company overview And all data is connected as a flow from start to finish so it can be considered as a tool to use in business management decisions. So I want it to be able to be used in that way.

When the stock is connected The next step is production control and production planning.

When the original problematic inventory is properly managed. The next step would be to use it in the procurement area after the regulations have been clearly defined. Of course, I want the operation of the system to go to production control. and would like to use it to check stock as well Executing the above sequence of steps Of course, in the end, I wanted to control the change of raw materials. with detailed stock planning as well

At present, it cannot be said that the system can be fully utilized. But I do not think that from now on it will not be available.

I think that in order to allow us to use the system for planning the production. We will have to request customizations in various parts of the system. After making a decision within a certain level company.

The idea that the operation would be more efficient Still can't link to achieving results, such as using the system in the stock section. production planning and purchasing Including the use of information and numbers that management can use appropriately to create operational movements.

I want to set goals as mentioned above and move forward together with the same goal. And in the end, I want to be successful together in the end.

Incentives to expand the installation base of “Factory-ONE” comes to Thailand

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this interview.

Since the beginning of the project we have faced many problems. Both the system installation schedule is delayed. At present, there are still some pending problems. causing great inconvenience to customers But even so, Company C remains confident and assesses CSI at a good level. I have to thank you very much.

After going through those problems together We are finally able to move forward with the project strongly.

In the future, the Factory-ONE team will continue to work hard. up to continue to improve the functionality To achieve the vision and goals set by C Company  From now on, I'll have to ask to leave my body as well.

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