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An example of installing an RPA system ”WinActor” Tools to help convert work to automation – M Company


RPA Tool - WinActor


Operations that have been automated using RPA enable simple workloads. and overtime hours each month decreased. It also raises the awareness of how to improve the work within the organization to a higher level.


Client's company history

T company that cooperated in this interview It is a subsidiary of a well-known financial services company in Japan. It is a car leasing company established in Thailand that offers satisfaction and safety.

to customers at the same high level as in Japan The company has its own IT department. And in RPA operations, both IT and user departments are now working together to streamline their day-to-day operations.

Background on the installation of RPA systems and the steps until installation.

CSI had the opportunity to talk to two Japanese managers who have supported and promoted the improvement of the company's operations in Thailand regarding the situation during the installation phase and the performance after the installation.

Implementation of RPA started with the aim of improving operations and meeting requirements.
Regarding employee resignation


The first is


  to improve operations with

Automating work within the organization Starting from work that has overtime work. in large numbers every month

T Company, which uses RPA Tools "WinActor", started to know about WinActor in 2018. At that time, RPA and WinActor were unknown in Thailand and therefore did not deploy immediately. RPA was working again in March 2019 and RPA was started in mid-April 2019.

There are two reasons for installing the system.

The second is


due to expert accountants invoice filling out for the maintenance of vehicles which Happens in large numbers every month. Decided to resign from the company at this time, considering the workload and Difficulty in job training for The new employee therefore thought to cut the problem by using RPA to manage simple tasks. This section represents the hiring of new employees.


RPA Tools “WinActor”,
1 month from solution introduction to stable operation

because it has a desired purpose "Filling loopholes about people resigning" as well, so it is necessary to start taking action immediately.

In March 2019, the CSI presented an implementation of RPA, after which preparations were immediately started to deploy the system.

The first thing to do is Monitor and store target process data to create automated work rules. After that, with the collaboration of user department and IT department, CSI created Automation Scenario based on data. And around mid-April after Songkran, RPA can be used.

Helps to fill out invoices automatically. After starting the operation, it is necessary to modify the details to suit the actual work.

Which until it can be used stably, it takes about 2 weeks

However, we were able to achieve our objectives. one is Going through an intense working crisis at the end of the month with a limited number of people

Scope of use and performance of RPA


1) Accounting Department : Change the receipt of money to be automatic.


Because the implementation of RPA for invoice data entry works well. So the RPA was considered for other areas of work as well. At Company T, 3,500 are paid monthly, about 25% of jobs are concentrated on the last working day of the month, so overtime occurs. a lot at the end of the month and the beginning of the month It takes about 3 minutes to complete one payout.

Which for the responsible employees still have to answer the phone and do other tasks at the same time Therefore, at least a week is required.

To complete all tasks The company therefore decided to bring RPA to this work as well.

After installing the RPA system, not only can these tasks be completed in 2 days, but while the RPA is working, the responsible staff can focus on the main accounting tasks. that should be done and can be checked after work Receiving money has complex conditions for receiving money and calculation criteria. In addition, the conditions have different details depending on each company, so after starting to use it There are still some modifications to the details. Continuing to be consistent with the actual work of T company, which takes about 1 month, then it can be used stably.

2) Improving customer service: maintenance reminders


Company T operates in car leasing business. Which is indispensable for customers is the maintenance of the rental car as well.

However, maintenance is required depending on the distance traveled. Therefore, customers using rented cars will have to manage this by themselves.

However, RPA can now provide scheduled maintenance reminders. The system can predict the maintenance interval of the car.

Based on the actual driving mileage of the previous year and send automatic e-mail notifications from T company about maintenance alerts for each customer.

This timely maintenance, which customers often forget, allows customers to use the rented car more safely.


Advantages of installing an RPA system


We also asked the accountants how they feel about implementing an RPA system.

Reduce work time and switch to work that is really the main job that should be done.

Overtime : Using RPA + work improvement project, reduced from 163 hours → 29 hours.

Mainly in the accounting department, time is spent on simple tasks. Like the task of filling out invoices or receiving money in the system is very “Before the RPA implementation, during a very busy period, At the end of the month to the beginning of that month, I had to work overtime until 9:00 p.m. for several days. But now I can get off work from five in the afternoon.”


Change work content and company structure (Example: Invoice filling job)

From using RPA to perform simple tasks It also caused the need to modify the work content and organizational structure.



Before installing RPA

After installing RPA

A. Enter invoice information

C. Jobs of Assistant Managers

employee filling out



employee filling out


Assistant Manager (resigned)

B. Check/Review after completing invoice information

Find mistakes faster

Post-filling checks are time consuming tasks. But after implementing the RPA system, there is more time spent on auditing. Makes it possible to find faults faster as well. This is considered one of the results obtained after the improvement.

An environment that has Continuous improvement of work

When the system was first installed, users still had a bad attitude towards RPA systems. Because I still can't see what will happen after installation. But nowadays, when seeing the results of the installation of the accounting department, there has been a change in attitude for the better and there has been Expanding the use of RPA to other departments amid the advent of Various work improvement projects The company as a whole has formed an environment that “strives towards improvement”.

Received an award from the group

From various work improvement projects

These made it accepted by the parent company. And the RPA system was fully implemented, although at that time the system was unknown. very widely Until an example a great development that is not only not only improve the function but also change Change the mindset of employees as well.

Made the award for the best company. Among the group companies

• Reduce the work of accounting staff from the installation of the RPA system.

• Increase the speed of document reporting. close monthly balance (Can be reported within 4 working days after the close of the month)

Techniques for using RPA

Accountants are also more motivated to work as they are freed from the task of filling out data and other miscellaneous tasks. able to work That should be done as a real account.

The T company itself has an IT department, and the IT staff in that company can modify or develop the Automation Scenario of RPA.

You can add more by yourself.


Key points for effective deployment and use of RPA

T Company's IT manager said, "In order to properly implement RPA, one must have an understanding of both the workflow and the RPA tools (WinActor) at the same time."  


“Because when implementing work procedures that the user's department understands by Using feelings to put into the tool requires a logical condition to capture, and the user himself may not be aware of the results that he or she has. always expected.” For the user side, they will gradually get used to the use of RPA, making work more efficient as well.


“Works that don't need to be done immediately are arranged with RPA on weekends or nights. and users who are employees in Accounting departments can also use RPA fully independently, including error handling and simple troubleshooting. Approximately 10 minutes before the user returns home, the RPA system is run and leaves work at normal time. and when the next day The work will be completed successfully.”


Join the training to be able to build Automation Scenario yourself.

Two employees from the IT department and two from the accounting department were sent to participate in the RPA training with the goal of in order to create Automation Scenario by yourself


    from knowledge gained from training and concepts. "Ask CSI." Now, IT managers can create their own Scenarios and companies can improve their operations by using RPA alone. Currently, Scenario creation works automatically save data from user needs.

It's being done by the IT department, and in the future it looks set to use RPA to automate other areas as well.


future vision

After T company has been installing RPA for a year, it has started to see the results of the installation and operation and has plans to do other challenging adjustments. continue to be automatic In addition, it can feel the determination to move forward. In the future, T Company plans to develop its work. Make it even better by referencing examples of other companies' RPA implementations. such as using automatic report generation

real-time etc.

Message from the person in charge of CSI

Thank you all for your cooperation in posting this article. Installation example as a responsible person and a salesperson I am very happy to hear examples of the success of Customers in this installation, I can feel that the problem.

It was very clear before the installation, and both the IT team and the user team, both Thai and Japanese, had a common understanding of the goal. who want to use RPA to solve that problem which I think this Caused by setting the company's goals clearly.

In order to “reduce overtime work” itself  

From now on we would like to present improvements to KAIZEN using RPA. whomore in various aspects, whether it is "Paperless" or "Automation", etc.


Person in charge of the RPA system : Noriaki Otomo


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