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Can The Power of IT help solve the problem of "the number of traffic accidents" in Thailand?!

At present, "traffic accidents" are a huge social problem in Thailand.

from female doctor news Died in an accident when hit by a motorcycle driven by a police officer It seems to awaken the interest of Thai people with this problem that has increased greatly. According to data published by the WHO in 2018, the number of road accident deaths in Thailand per 100,000 inhabitants was 32.7, the eighth worst in the world . "Traffic Accidents" Raising drivers' awareness of safe driving is the most important way. But no matter how careful you are Human error is always happening somewhere, and it is always "The Power of IT" that solves the problem.


"The Power of IT" shared this time is "DRIVE CHART ( " provided by DeNA of Japan. Traffic Accident Reduction Support Service Using IoT and AI Technology

It uses IoT technology to collect information about cars, drivers, roads, etc., and AI analyzes that information to detect dangerous driving behaviors and potential risks. and use real-time alerts and reports during driving for driving. In the demonstration experiment, the accident rate was reduced (taxi: about 25% better, truck: about 48%), and the cost of repairing cars caused by accidents was reduced as the damage was also reduced.

analyze data from accelerometer/GPS

・Dangerous driving such as starting, accelerating, stopping, sudden steering

・GPS location information

Detect dangerous driving to avoid bumps and collisions.

external camera analysis + AI image analysis

・Front vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, lanes

・Distance between cars

Detect dangerous drivers who do not follow traffic lights. speed violation no stop area (on a crosswalk) and the distance between the cars is not enough

Data analysis from inside camera + AI image analysis

・ The direction of the driver's face

・ Opening the driver's eyes

Detect dangerous driving, such as not looking the way (looking at the smartphone), snoozing, drunk driving

How to use IT to reduce traffic accidents in Thailand

・ By mapping the GPS data of the accident site Can identify and share the location and cause of frequent traffic accidents so that both drivers and pedestrians can be careful

・ Set up car insurance according to the driver's situation, such as insurance for low-risk drivers and high-risk drivers for high-risk drivers. This will lead to a deterrent to dangerous driving.

・ Penalties (fines, license suspension, termination of employment if driving is a job, etc.) for drivers who drive carelessly many times.

  Using IT to reduce traffic accidents may still take some time before it becomes widespread among drivers. However, automakers are keen on installing IT equipment. more with goals to achieve "Safe society Zero traffic accidents" which in the future "The Power of IT" will definitely help solve the problem of reducing traffic accidents widely.

CSI We specialize in system development and support for IoT and AI technologies. We also stand out for AI-based facial recognition and camera image recognition.

CSI offers and supports "The Power of IT" in Thailand and helps society and customers by using such IT technology.

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