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The advent of 5G in the retail industry by DX (Digital Transformation)

<<< Think about what kind of DX service can make your business go further and stronger! >>>

CSI supporting the digital transformation of the retail industry with over 30 years of experience in Thailand. Be able to plan and present to customers how to use 5G and how to professionally implement DX (Digital Transformation).

Please do not hesitate to contact us as an IT partner to implement DX (Digital Transformation) and add value to your organization.

   5G is a network technology that features high speed, large capacity, low latency and unlimited simultaneous connectivity, and if IoT, AI and devices take advantage of 5G, DX (Digital Transformation) will emerge, including products. And how will each industry see a future in the 5G / 6G era as full transformation is imminent?

Today we would like to share about "The future of retail (Retail) that will change in the 5G era"

<<< What can retailers use 5G and DX do >>>

​1. Shop/cashier without staff

- Checking the details of purchases and use of unmanned cash registers

- Various online payments (electronic payment payment using facial recognition)

- You can know when things should be filled and how much to add. even where you are

      reduce labor costs improve operational efficiency and avoid the problem of stock shortage

2. Unmanned transport and distribution

Driving trucks and automated forklifts Using drones linked to AI and IoT etc.

- can reduce labor costs Prevent delivery mistakes and prevent damage to packaging due to poor handling by staff. The solution will spread in Thailand in the future as well.

3. Press release/promotion information Real-time delivery before arriving at the store

when customers approach the store They will be informed in real time of the information about the desired product. and information about new products from the stores they use always

- Customers can get the convenient information they need in real-time on the spot, and merchants can provide the right information to meet their needs and capture business opportunities without missing out.

4. Collection and analysis of customer behavior data

You can know what kind of buying behavior they have. Where have they been and how long have they been? what product to pick up And what products did they not buy because they did not understand and were not satisfied with the price?

- to meet customer needs, such as improving services Changing the shelf layout product development and review of pricing This allows merchants to provide better services.

5. Livestream

- using 5G + VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)", which is expected to develop future technologies. Sales will increase even without a storefront.

Read more about DX (Digital Transformation) :

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